Current Licensees, Licences and Licence Conditions

Combined Auctions — 2300 MHz and 3500 MHz

Current Combined Auction Licensees and Licence Conditions — 2300 MHz and 3500 MHz bands
Licensee (link for licences) Licence Condition/Type
4253311 Canada Inc. User
508896 Alberta Ltd (operating as Netago) Carrier (Subordinate)
768812 Ontario Inc. Carrier (2009)
ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd. Carrier
Amtelecom Limited Partnership Carrier
BroadPoint International Telecom Inc. Carrier (2009)
Canadian Spectrum Holding Corporation Carrier
ccROUTE Inc. Carrier
Chatham Internet Access Carrier
Cogeco Cable Inc. Carrier
Comcentric Networking Inc. Carrier
Cooptel Carrier
Cranbrook Internet Network Technologies Inc. Carrier
Distributel Spectrum Inc. Carrier
I-NetLink Incorporated Carrier
Inukshuk Wireless Partnership Carrier
Monophone Inc. Carrier (2009)
Navigata Communications Ltd. Carrier
O.N.Tel Inc. Carrier
People's Tel Limited Partnership Carrier
RipNET Limited Carrier
Rogers Communications Partnership Carrier
Sogetel Inc. Carrier
Source Cable & Wireless Carrier
SSI Micro Ltd. Carrier (2009)
TBay Tel Carrier
Télédistribution Amos Inc. Carrier
Telus Communications Company Carrier
West Coast Energy Inc. User (Subordinate)
Xplornet Broadband Inc. Carrier
Your Link Inc. Carrier
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