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Notice No. DGTP-005-06Spectrum Utilization Policy, Technical and Licensing Requirements for Broadband Public Safety in the Band 4940-4990 MHz


The purpose of this notice is to announce the release of the above-mentioned spectrum document to accommodate public safety use of spectrum in the band 4940-4990 MHz.


In July 2004, the Department added a primary mobile allocation in the band 4940-4990 MHz and designated its use for fixed and mobile systems in support of public safety. The Department indicated that the use of the band would be subject to further consultation regarding appropriate licensing and technical considerations.

Subsequently, the Department received comments from several Canadian public safety agencies in support of this allocation. These agencies stressed how critical the band 4940-4990 MHz is to advanced broadband technologies, in order to enable high-speed wireless transfers of large files, images and video, as well as intranet access, at specified locations. These agencies further stressed the importance of dedicated spectrum for broadband applications.

In July 2005, the Department released a consultation on the use of the band through Canada Gazette notice no. DGTP-005-05. This consultation proposed policy, technical and licensing considerations to accommodate public safety agencies' early implementation of critical broadband systems in the band 4940-4990 MHz.


Comments in response to the consultation generally supported the Department's proposals on use, applications, channelling plans, technical requirements and eligibility. Further comments however will be sought by the Department on the original proposed licensing fee in a separate Canada Gazette notice.


The Department has worked diligently over the past years towards improving the critical communication and infrastructure of public safety agencies as well as ensuring access to spectrum resources. The provision of public safety and national security services rely heavily on advanced communications. The need for new wireless technologies and radio applications has put significant pressure to find priority spectrum for these requirements. This release of Spectrum Utilization Policy 4940 MHz represents an example of the Department's commitment to address the public safety and security spectrum needs.

Details of the spectrum policy, eligibility, technical and licensing provisions, including licensing fees, to allow public safety agencies' early implementation of critical broadband systems in the band 4940-4990 MHz, are specified in SP 4940 MHz. Applicants are encouraged to contact their local district director for further licensing information.

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June 9, 2006

Larry Shaw
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

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