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Notice No. DGRB-001-06Call for Applications to License Satellite Orbital Positions

This notice announces the release of a paper, under the above title, and commences a comparative licensing process to facilitate the timely development and operation of satellite space stations using specific frequency bands at several orbital positions. Interested parties are invited to submit applications to Industry Canada for utilizing these resources.

Industry Canada has received applications from several parties indicating interest in developing Canadian satellites using the orbital positions and frequency bands being offered in this process. Given this and other potential interest, and in accordance with the Policy Framework for the Provision of Fixed Satellite Services (RP-008) issued in 1998 and revised in Septembert 2005, and the Guidelines on the Licensing Process and Spectrum Release Plan (2001 Edition) (RP-020), Industry Canada is now issuing a Call for Applications to License Satellite Orbital Positions.

The Call for Applications invites applications for the use of various bands of fixed and broadcasting satellite spectrum at several different satellite orbital positions. The orbital positions and spectrum being made available are considered valuable resources for Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications. This satellite licensing initiative provides an opportunity for the Canadian broadcasting and satellite industry to invest in additional satellite facilities that will serve to meet Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications requirements for capacity, promote economic growth in Canada, and offer the Canadian satellite industry an opportunity to participate in the North American satellite capacity market and beyond.

Owing to the importance of these resources for Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications, Canadian satellite users will be provided an opportunity in this satellite licensing process to participate directly. Prospective applicants in this process are encouraged to consult with Canadian satellite users in the development of their satellite plans and applications. Applicants are also required, as part of their applications, to provide their plans for providing capacity to satisfy Canadian requirements. These plans will be posted on Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site for public comment. All comments will be taken into consideration when the Department evaluates the applications received.

Submitting Applications

Instructions for the submission of applications, as well as submission requirements and associated deadlines, are included in the Call for Applications.

Obtaining Copies

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July 7, 2006

Jan Skora
Director General
Radiocommunication and
Broadcasting Regulatory Branch

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