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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. DGRB-004-07 - Release of Issue 2 of CPC-2-1-23, Licensing Procedure for Spectrum Licences for Terrestrial Services

The purpose of this notice is to announce the release of amendments to CPC-2-1-23. These revisions describe the procedures to be used in order that certain licensees may enter into subordinate licensing arrangements in which another party can operate within all, or a portion of their frequency and/or geographic area. All such arrangements are subject to Ministerial approval.

Subordinate licensing allows licensees, who have spectrum licences with transferability and divisibility privileges, to apply (together with a third party) for a third party to be permitted access to their spectrum via a subordinate licence issued by Industry Canada. Such arrangements will allow for a more efficient use of spectrum without licensees having to transfer their spectrum licence(s).

Subordinate licensing supports the Department's policy objective to foster increased reliance on market forces for the provision of telecommunications services. It will facilitate the development of commercial arrangements between operators, and increase the use of the spectrum for the benefit of Canadians. It will also provide a flexible regime that allows spectrum to be effectively utilized as the situation warrants, and respond to the wireless industry's demand to enter into arrangements which allow another party to operate within a portion of their frequency or geographic area.

Further details on how to apply for a subordinate licence are included in CPC-2-1-23 which has been updated as of September 28, 2007. No substantive changes to CPC-2-1-23 have been made other than the addition of text in Section 5.6.1 and Appendix D with regard to subordinate licensing.

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September 20, 2007

Michael D. Connolly
Acting Director General
Radiocommunications and
Broadcasting Regulatory Branch

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