Archived—Auction for Spectrum Licences for Advanced Wireless Services and Other Spectrum in the 2 GHz Range — Qualified Bidders' Names and Numbers

Auction ID: 05
IC Account Number: 0507

Applicant Details
Applicant Name: Bell Mobility Inc.
Address: 5099 Creekbank Road North
Mississauga, ON
L4W 5N2
Language Preference: English
Applicant Classification: Corporation

Authorized Representative
Name: Bruce Edwin Rodin
Title: Director, Wireless Technology Strategy
Telephone Number: (905) 282-3260
Fax Number:  (905) 282-3538
Mailing Address: 5099 Creekbank Road North
5th Floor, North Tower
Mississauga, ON
L4W 5N2

Desired Initial Level of Eligibility Points and Calculation of Required Financial Deposit
Eligibility Points:  1500
Financial Deposit:  $180,000,000

Beneficial Ownership Information Attachment 1 (PDF Format, 8 KB)
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