Stakeholders Consultation Session — Setting Arbitration Rules for Mandated Roaming and Antenna Tower Sharing Disputes

In February 2008, following a public consultation process, Industry Canada released Gazette Notice DGRB-002-08. The Notice provided amended licence conditions with respect to mandated roaming and antenna tower and site sharing and to prohibit exclusive site arrangements. It also provided the next steps in the process of ensuring that an arbitration mechanism is in place to facilitate the completion of roaming agreements and site-sharing agreements.

As indicated in the Notice, Industry Canada will be holding a stakeholder consultation session to discuss the procedures and rules that will apply to arbitrations by ADR Chambers regarding mandated roaming and antenna tower sharing. The session will assist Industry Canada in developing the arbitration procedures and rules.

The Process:

Prior to the stakeholders consultation session, draft rules will be sent to participants and non-participants who request a copy.

ADR Chambers will facilitate a full day session with stakeholders to discuss certain sections of a draft of Industry Canada's arbitration rules for roaming and antenna tower disputes.

Following the session, the Department will Gazette the rules and provide an opportunity for final comments. The final version of the arbitration procedures and rules will be incorporated by reference into the conditions of licence.


Tentatively scheduled for May 23, 2008; Downtown Toronto.

Who Can Attend?

Attendance is restricted to those who submitted comments in our consultation as well as other stakeholders who will be subject to, or affected by, the roaming and sharing conditions of licence. These are considered to be current or potential future holders of radiocommunication carrier licences from Industry Canada. Please note that we may restrict the number of participants per company if necessary.

Written Submissions

If you are unable to attend, you may request a copy of the draft rules which will be distributed prior to the session and submit your comments to us electronically. Those attending the session may also submit comments in writing. Those providing written comments are advised that Industry Canada will be posting all written submissions on our Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website.

Registration Required

While there is no fee for attending the session, you must register by return email.

RSVP: by April 18

Who to Contact to register or for further information:

Christine D'Aoust by email at

We look forward to your participation.

When registering please provide the following:

Company Name:

Heather Hall
Manager, Emerging Networks
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch
Industry Canada

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