Divided Licences

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) — 3500 MHz

Map of Subdivision of Tier 4–086 — London / Woodstock, Ontario

Subdivision of Tier 4-086 London / Woodstock (Xplornet Broadband Inc. and Mipps Inc.)

This is the Tier 4 subdivision map for London / Woodstock / St. Thomas, Ontario. The map illustrates the boundaries of the Tier 4–086 service area and the two geographical subdivisions within the tier. Cities contained within the boundaries of Tier 4–086 include St. Thomas, Norfolk, London and Woodstock. Mipps Inc. holds a licence for London/Woodstock and the vicinity.

The map legend includes the following data for licence holder Xplornet Broadband Inc. (formerly BBN) covering Tier 4–086, except London / Woodstock and the vicinity:

  • Licence Number: 5066158;
  • Block G: 3550–3575 MHz;

and the following data represents London / Woodstock and the vicinity for licence holder Mipps Inc.:

  • Licence Number: 5066157;
  • Block G: 3550–3575 MHz;
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