Wireless: How am I exposed to radiofrequency fields?

The evolution in wireless technologies has seen the widespread use of consumer products that emit radiofrequency (RF) fields. Wireless technologies, such as cellphones, offer significant societal benefits, including the improvement of personal safety and convenience. As these products have become more commonplace, Canadians may have questions about their exposure to RF fields.

What are some sources of exposure to radiofrequency fields?

RF fields are produced by various sources and we have always been exposed to them. Natural sources like the sun and the earth emit low-level RF fields. In addition to cellphones, RF fields come from baby monitors, cordless phones and various other consumer items in your home including certain non-wireless devices, such as computers and other digital devices.

What do Canadian exposure standards mean for me?

For Canadians to benefit from wireless technologies, including television and radio that entertain and inform us, society experiences low levels of exposure to RF fields.

The Government of Canada regulates public exposure to RF fields from wireless devices and maintains guidelines that establish exposure limits. Current scientific consensus is that, provided Canadian exposure standards are met, the use of wireless communications devices is safe.

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