Wireless: Radiofrequency fields and me

The Government of Canada has determined that there is no clear evidence suggesting the use of wireless communications devices is a concern provided the radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines are respected.

Do radiofrequency fields affect me?

Some things in life can affect you but their impact is not necessarily harmful. RF fields can cause heating but not enough to be a concern provided that exposure is within the guidelines. Other than this heating effect, scientific consensus is that there are no adverse effects from RF exposure at levels that are low enough such that there is no noticeable rise in temperature. A microwave oven, a high power device that uses RF, is designed to safely heat your food. A cellphone, a low power device, is also designed so that it cannot cause harm. Any warmth you may feel is likely only the effect of your hand holding the phone at the side of your head and not due to RF exposure.

What do experts say?

Expert authorities such as the Royal Society of Canada, World Health Organization, American Cancer Society and others have conducted detailed reviews of the potential health risks associated with RF field exposure. None of the reviews completed within the last decade demonstrate sufficient evidence of adverse health effects associated with low level RF fields, like those emitted by a cellphone, their towers or other wireless devices.

What is Canada doing?

The Government of Canada has set exposure limits based on its knowledge of the effects of RF fields and it requires all equipment be designed and installed so that the established exposure limits are respected.

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