Gazette Notice SMSE-006-11

Department of Industry
Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE–006–11 — Extension to the Comment Period for Part B of the Document Decisions on a Band Plan for Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and Consultation on a Policy and Technical Framework to License Spectrum in the Band 2500–2690 MHz

The above–noted consultation was published in the Canada Gazette on February 12, 2011, as Notice SMSE–005–11. The deadline for the receipt of comments was indicated as April 9, 2011, and the deadline for the receipt of reply comments was May 9, 2011.

The purpose of this notice is to advise all interested parties that, based on the merits of a request for additional time by the Radio Advisory Board of Canada, the deadline for the receipt of comments has been extended to April 19, 2011. The reply comment period has been extended to May 16, 2011. All comments received will be posted on Industry Canada's Spectrum and Management and Telecommunications Web site at

Obtaining copies

Copies of this notice and of documents referred to herein are available electronically on the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site at

Official versions of Canada Gazette notices can be viewed at Printed copies of the Canada Gazette can be ordered by telephoning the sales counter of Publishing and Depository Services at 613-941-5995 or 1-800-635-7943.

March 4, 2011

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Director General
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