Gazette Notice SMSE-010-11

Department of Industry
Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE–010–11 — Consultation on Spectrum Utilization of Frequency Bands 71-76 GHz, 81-86-GHz and 92-95 GHz by the Fixed Service

The intent of this notice is to initiate, through the release of the above–mentioned document, a second round of public consultation on Industry Canada's proposed policy for the use of the bands 71–76 GHz, 81–86 GHz and 92–95 GHz by the fixed service.


The Department has been approached by the wireless industry to make available the bands 71–76 GHz, 81–86 GHz and 92–95 GHz to the fixed service in support of the deployment of broadband applications. The unique propagation conditions that exist in these millimetre–wave frequency bands and the use of highly directional pencil–sized beams can provide for gigabit capacity in a spectrum environment where close proximity deployments can be achieved while minimizing the potential for interference.

This consultation provides an opportunity to comment on the future use of these bands by the fixed service, including designation, band plan, technical characteristics and the licensing approach.

Submitting comments

Interested parties should submit their comments no later than October 21, 2011. Soon after the close of the comment period, all comments received and any other relevant information will be posted on Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site at

Respondents are requested to provide their comments in electronic format (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) to the following e-mail, along with a note specifying the software, version number and operating system used.

Written submissions should be addressed to the Director General, Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch, Industry Canada, 19th Floor, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0C8.

All submissions should cite Canada Gazette, Part I, the publication date, the title and the notice reference number (SMSE–010–11).

Obtaining copies

Copies of this notice and of documents referred to herein are available electronically on Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site at

Official versions of Canada Gazette notices can be viewed at Printed copies of the Canada Gazette can be ordered by telephoning the sales counter of Publishing and Depository Services at 613-941-5995 or 1-800-635-7943.

July 8, 2011

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Director General
Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch

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