Call for Interest in the Licence for 17 GHz Broadcasting-Satellite Service (BSS) Spectrum at the 95°W Orbital Position

September 2011


This document, in conjunction with the announcement in the Canada Gazette on September 10, 2011, (Notice No. SMSE-016-11), initiates the process for assigning a satellite licence for the 17 GHz BSS spectrum at the 95°W orbital position.


In June 2007, the results of Industry Canada’s 2006 Satellite Licensing Initiative Footnote 1 (the 2006 Call) were announced, with the selection of satellite operators for 12 of the 29 licences included in the initiative. The announcement also stated that unassigned licences would be available for assignment using essentially the same process as the one identified in the 2006 Call, and that interested parties should submit an application to Industry Canada using the same information requirements outlined in the 2006 Call. The announcement advised that Industry Canada would provide 30 days for other interested parties to notify the Department of their interest and that an additional 60 days would be provided, for all interested parties who expressed an interest, to submit full applications. Decisions to award licences would be based on the same evaluation and selection criteria established in the 2006 Call.

Industry Canada has received an application from 95W Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. for a licence to use the 17 GHz BSS spectrum (17.3-17.8 GHz downlink and 24.75-25.25 GHz uplink) at the 95°W orbital position. Accordingly, this Call for Interest provides an opportunity for Canadian satellite operators to submit notifications of their interest in this licence.

Industry Canada considers that this resource is potentially valuable for meeting the needs of Canadian satellite users, in particular for providing direct-to-home satellite television capacity capable of delivering services to small dish receivers. Given the status of Canada’s filings to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for this orbital position, realization of these benefits would be dependent on the satellite operator securing the position for Canadian use. As a result, Industry Canada may require that new satellite facilities be brought into use by November 25, 2015.

Assignment Process

The overall process for the assignment of this licence will involve the submission of notifications of interest, submission of applications where additional interest is demonstrated, evaluation of the applications by the Department, selection of an applicant, and follow-up procedures leading to the issuance of a radio authorization.

As a first step in the process, interested parties must notify Industry Canada of their interest. If additional interested parties express interest in this orbital position, Industry Canada will provide an additional 60 days for parties to submit their applications.

If additional applications are received, Industry Canada will evaluate the applications on a comparative basis in accordance with the criteria set out in the 2006 Call.

If additional interest is not received in response to this Call, Industry Canada will proceed to analyze and assess the application from 95W Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. on the basis of the criteria set out in the 2006 Call.

Note that the Minister of Industry ultimately decides whether a licence will be issued, to whom and on what conditions, based on the advice and recommendations of the Department and on other factors considered relevant, including events that are unforeseeable at the time that the licensing process is initiated.

Submitting Notifications of Interest

All notifications of interest must:

  • refer to Canada Gazette Notice No. SMSE-016-11;
  • clearly identify the interested party;
  • include the name of the contact person with respect to the notification of interest (provide mailing address, e-mail address, as well as telephone and facsimile numbers);
  • describe the primary business activities of the applicant;
  • indicate whether the proposed operator is an existing Canadian telecommunications common carrier or broadcaster;
  • provide an overview of the proposed satellite network capabilities, including the intended capacity for and coverage of Canada;
  • if interested parties have unused 17/25 GHz BSS positions, explain why this additional orbital position is required;
  • identify the intended users of the capacity;
  • specify the anticipated in-service date; and
  • state the life expectancy of the satellite.

Notifications of interest must be received by the departmental contact noted below by October 11, 2011.

All costs associated with the preparation of notifications of interest or subsequent applications are and will remain the responsibility of the submitting parties. The Minister accepts no responsibility for any or all costs and expenses incurred in responding to this Call for Interest, or in connection with any meetings, interviews or consultations. Parties who respond to this Call for Interest shall prepare and submit the required material and otherwise engage in the process at their own expense and with the express understanding that they shall not make any claim for reimbursement from the Government of Canada.

Direct contact with Industry Canada officials concerning the merits of any notification of interest or subsequent applications will not be entertained during this process. This does not limit contact with departmental officials concerning the process in general or for other unrelated issues.

Format of Notifications

Parties submitting notifications of interest are required to provide one electronic copy and one paper copy of their notification. The Department requires that electronic copies be provided in one of the following formats: XHTML, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

Industry Canada recognizes that parties may consider certain portions of their notifications to be confidential. If this is the case, a complete notification comprises one electronic copy and one paper copy of the confidential version, and one electronic copy and one paper copy of a non-confidential version. A summary listing of all parties submitting a notification of interest will be posted on Industry Canada’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website.

Parties responding to the Call for Interest should be aware that all information submitted, including information that they have identified as being confidential, is subject to the Access to Information Act. Parties concerned about the confidentiality of the information provided are advised to refer to this Act.

Obtaining Copies

Copies of this paper and other information related to the 2006 Satellite Licensing Initiative are available electronically on Industry Canada’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at

Departmental Contact/Address

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Manager, Satellite Authorization Policy
Space Services Directorate
Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch
Industry Canada
Room 1570C
Jean Edmonds Tower North
300 Slater Street
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