Final Policy and Licensing Procedures for the Auction of the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands — Appendix 5

Appendix 5 – Notification of Interest for the Auction of the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands

Notification of Interest for the Auctions of the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands (Appendix 5)
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Notifications of Interest are hereby requested from those wishing to publicly announce their interest to participate in the auction of the 24 and 38 GHz frequency bands. To participate in the Notification of Interest process, this form must be submitted to the department by July 9, 1999. The form may be submitted by fax or email, provided it is received by the specified deadline. A list of all those who expressed interest will be published on the department's Strategis Web site ( shortly thereafter.

1. Name of Interested Party

space to insert full name

2. Address (Street, P.O. Box, etc.)

space to insert address
3. City, Town
4. Province
5. Postal Code
space to insert city, province and postal code

6. Telephone No. (   ) space to insert telephone number 7. Fax No. (   ) space to insert  fax number

8. email Address space to insert email address

Address all notifications of interest and any requests for further information concerning this process to:

Earl Hoeg
Manager, Wireless Networks
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch
Industry Canada
Room 1522A, 300 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0C8
Telephone: 613–990–7176
Fax: 613–991–3514

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