SP 23/38 GHz — Spectrum Policy and Licensing Considerations, Fixed Radio Systems in the 23 GHz and 38 GHz Frequency Bands


Spectrum Utilization Policy for the 23 GHz Frequency Band

Service Frequency
Status Application
Fixed 21.2-21.6 Primary MCS (paired with 22.4-22.8 GHz)
21.6-21.8 Reserved
21.8-22.4 Point-to-Point (SRSP 321.8) (paired with 23-23.6 GHz)
22.4-22.8 MCS (paired with 21.2-21.6 GHz)
22.8-23 Reserved
23-23.6 Point-to-Point (SRSP 321.8) (paired with 21.8-22.4 GHz)
Inter-Satellite 22.55-23.55 Primary (Inter-satellite links of low-earth orbitting mobile satellites)
Earth Exploration-Satellite (passive)
Space Research (passive)
21.2-21.4 Primary  
Radio Astonomy 22.21-22.5 Primary  
Mobile 21.2-22 Secondary  
22-22.5 except Aeronatical Mobile

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Spectrum Utilization Policy for the 38 GHz Frequency Band

Service Frequency
Status Application
Fixed 36-38.4 Primary Reserved
38.4-38.6 MCS Point-to-Point
38.6-39.3 Point-to-Point (paired with 39.3-40.0 GHz)
39.3-40.0 Point-to-Point (paired with 38.6-39.3 GHz)
40-40.5 Reserved
Mobile 36-40.5 Primary  
Earth Exploration-Satellite (passive)
Space Research (passive)
36-37 Primary  
Space Research 37-38 Primary Space-to-Earth
40-40.5 Earth-to-Space
Fixed Satellite 37.5-40.5 Primary Space-to-Earth
Mobile Satellite 39.5-40.5 Primary Space-to-Earth
Earth Exploration Satellite 40-40.5 Primary Earth-to-Space
Earth Exploration Satellite 37.5-40.5 Secondary Space-to-Earth

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