Subdivision of Tier 4-100 (Sudbury)

This map represents the service area of a subdivision of Tier 4-100.

This service area includes Sudbury, Ontario.

The total population according to Statistics Canada 2001 census is: 169 085.

Subdivision of Tier 4-100 (Sudbury, ON)

Subdivision of Tier 4-100 (Sudbury, ON) (the long description is located below the image)
Description of Figure 1

This is the Tier 4 subdivision map for Sudbury, Ontario. The map illustrates the boundaries of the Tier 4-100 service area and two geographical subdivisions within the tier. Cities contained within the boundaries of Tier 4-100 include Chapleau and Sudbury.

The map legend includes the following data for the currently available service area covering Sudbury and the vicinity.

The following data represents Chapleau and the vicinity for licence holder TBayTel.

  • Licence number: 5132859;
  • Block E: 1885-1890 MHz / 1965-1970 MHz.
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