Consultation on a Licensing Framework for Broadband Radio Service (BRS) — 2500 MHz Band

Figure 2 — Map of Regions

Figure 2 — Map of Regions (the long description is located below the image)
Description of Figure 1

This figure shows a map of Canada with respect to the amount of spectrum to be auctioned. Three Regions are shown. Region A has 50 + 50 MHz (paired) and 25 MHz (unpaired). These areas are the Atlantic Provinces, most of Quebec, most of Ontario, the province of Alberta, most of British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Region B has 30 + 30 MHz (paired) to be auctioned. These areas are southern areas of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, as well as the province of Saskatchewan. Region C is Manitoba and has 20 + 20 MHz (paired), 30 + 30 MHz (paired) and 25 MHz (unpaired) to be auctioned.


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