exactEarth Ltd.


Our file: 46208-1 (371740 AL)

April 1, 2014

Ms. Angela Kulig
Spectrum and Regulatory Specialist
exactEarth Ltd
50 Struck Court
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 8L2

Dear Ms. Kulig:

This letter constitutes a spectrum licence granting exactEarth Ltd. authority to use the following radio frequencies to operate its ADS-1B, ADS-02 and ADS-03 low earth orbit satellites in the provision of its mobile satellite services in Canada, in particular for the space-based reception of maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals.

Frequency Bands
Uplink Downlink
161.975 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals
162.025 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals
161.950 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals
162.000 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals
156.775 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals
156.825 MHz (Earth-to-space) - Receive AIS signals

This is an annual licence subject to the conditions set out in the attachment. This licence expires on March 31st, 2015.


Suzanne Lambert
Director, Space Services Operations


exactEarth Ltd (exactEarth)
Conditions of Licence to Operate its ADS-1B, ADS-02, and ADS-03 Low Earth Orbit Satellites in the Provision of its Mobile Satellite Services

1. Eligibility

exactEarth must conform with the eligibility criteria as set out in section 9(1) of the Radiocommunication Regulations.

2. Licence Transferability

This licence may not be transferred or assigned without a full review of the application by the Department and authorization of the Minister. For clarification, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, "transfer" includes any leasing, sub-leasing or other disposition of the rights and obligations of the licences.

3. Laws, Regulations and Other Obligations

  1. exactEarth is subject to and must comply with the ITU Radio Regulations, the Canadian Radiocommunication Act, Radiocommunication Regulations, and Canada's spectrum policies pertaining to its authorized radio frequency bands and satellite orbit.
  2. Should the operation of the satellite network cause unacceptable or harmful interference to the reception of any station entitled to protection, exactEarth must immediately take measures to eliminate the interference, including, if necessary, ceasing operations.

4. International Coordination

The satellites must be successfully notified to the ITU. To this end, exactEarth must provide the Department, in a form acceptable to the ITU, with the satellite advance publication and notification information required by the ITU. exactEarth will also be responsible for the payment of associated ITU processing charges for satellite network filings related to the ADS satellite network and must participate at its own expense in any required resolution of difficulties during coordination and notification activities related to the network; and ensure that the operation of the satellite conforms with any arrangements and agreements undertaken by Canada with respect to the notification of the satellites.

5. Domestic Coordination

exactEarth must coordinate its satellite networks, including any earth stations to be located in Canada, with other potentially affected Canadian satellite and terrestrial services, and the satellites and earth stations must be operated in a manner consistent with any arrangements made to facilitate domestic satellite coordination.

6. Orbital Debris Mitigation

At the end of life of the satellite, exactEarth must implement space debris mitigation measures in accordance with best industry practices for the class of satellite so as to minimize adverse effects on the orbital environment.

7. Annual Reports

exactEarth must submit an annual report for each year of operation, including:

  1. a statement indicating continued compliance with all licence conditions;
  2. exactEarth must submit a final report of the space debris mitigation measures taken at the end-of-life of the satellites. This report is to be submitted to the Manager, Satellite Authorization Policy, Industry Canada within 60 days of the end-of-life of the satellites; and,
  3. an update on the spectrum used, and the number of fixed and mobile subscriber earth stations operating within Canada.

All reports and statements must be submitted in electronic format by March 31st of each year to the Manager, Satellite Authorization Policy, Space Services, Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch at satellitelicences@ic.gc.ca. Confidential information provided will be treated in accordance with subsection 20(1) of the Access to Information Act.

8. Licence Fees

exactEarth must pay applicable annual authorization fees on or before March 31st of each year.

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