Form G — AIS aids to navigation (AtoN)

Radio Regulations (RR) Article 20

For inquiries regarding MMSIs, contact your nearest ISED district office. Completed MMSI applications must be submitted to the district office by regular mail, email or fax.

IMPORTANT: Radio equipment must be certified under the applicable Canadian Radio Standard Specifications for use in Canada.

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For cancelling an existing MMSI, refer to our MMSI cancellation form.

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Aids to navigation (AtoN) Information

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* Position of AtoN (in degrees, minutes and seconds, followed by cardinal point symbols: N or S [north or south] for latitude; E or W [east or west] for longitude)

* Dimensions of AtoN (in metres)

* Type of electronic position-fixing device (please check one or more boxes)

Radio Information

Additional Information and/or Instructions

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