Transfer of Spectrum Licences Held by Xplornet Communications Inc. to TELUS Communications Company

Posted on April 21, 2016

Transfer Decision


  1. On January 5, 2016, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada received an application for the transfer of 83 commercial mobile spectrum licences in the Wireless Communication Services (WCS) band in various regions across Canada from Xplornet Communications Inc. (Xplornet) to TELUS Communications Company (TELUS).Footnote 1 These Licences are described in Annex A.
  2. The application was reviewed under the relevant provisions of Client Procedures Circular CPC‑2‑1‑23 — Licensing Procedure for Spectrum Licences for Terrestrial Services.
  3. Capitalized terms not defined in this decision have the meaning set out in CPC‑2‑1‑23.


  1. The Transfer of commercial mobile spectrum licences from Xplornet to TELUS is approved.


  1. The request for the transfer of commercial mobile spectrum licences was assessed against the policy objectives and criteria set out in Section 5.6 of CPC‑2‑1‑23.
  2. This Transfer will result in a modest increase to TELUS' commercial mobile spectrum holdings in the affected licence areas.
  3. The Department notes that all existing service providers have had multiple opportunities to access additional spectrum in the licence areas and, along with future service providers, will have the opportunity to access spectrum in the coming years.
  4. Given the extent and diversity of holdings of competing wireless service providers within the affected licence areas, there will be a minimal impact on spectrum concentration.
  5. The Department has determined that the requested Licence Transfer will not impact the ability of existing or future competitors to provide services in the affected areas.

Annex A

Licences to be Transferred From Xplornet Communications Inc. to TELUS Communications Company
Licence NumberExpiry DateFrequency BlockGeographic Area
010282343‑001August 19, 2019W4‑093 Strathroy
010284441‑001November 23, 2024W4‑060 La Sarre
010284443‑001November 23, 2024W4‑027 La Malbaie
010284445‑001November 23, 2024W4‑036 La Tuque
010284447‑001November 23, 2024W4‑043 Windsor
010284449‑001November 23, 2024W4‑059 Notre‑Dame‑du‑Nord
010284455‑001April 7, 2025W4‑020 Grand Falls
010284457‑001April 7, 2025W4‑023 Matane
010284459‑001April 7, 2025W4‑141 Edmonton
010284703‑001November 23, 2024W4‑041 Coaticook
010284705‑001November 23, 2024W4‑046 Farnham
010284707‑001November 23, 2024W4‑053 Hawkesbury
010284709‑001November 23, 2024W4‑090 Windsor/Leamington
010284711‑001November 23, 2024W4‑034 Thetford Mines
010284713‑001November 23, 2024W4‑105 Iron Bridge
010284715‑001November 23, 2024W4‑115 Portage la Prairie
010284717‑001November 23, 2024W4‑118 Thompson
010284719‑001November 23, 2024W4‑052 Sainte‑Agathe‑des‑Monts
010284721‑001November 23, 2024W 4‑033 Lac-Mégantic
010284727‑001April 7, 2025W4‑013 Antigonish/New Glasgow
010284729‑001April 7, 2025W4‑037 Trois‑Rivières
010284731‑001April 7, 2025W4‑042 Sherbrooke
010284733‑001April 7, 2025W4‑095 Midland
010285259‑001November 23, 2024W4‑038 Louiseville
010285261‑001November 23, 2024W4‑040 Victoriaville
010285263‑001November 23, 2024W 4‑063 Roberval/Saint‑Félicien
010285265‑001November 23, 2024W4‑083 Fort Erie
010285267‑001November 23, 2024W4‑028 Chicoutimi‑Jonquière
010285269‑001November 23, 2024W4‑026 Rivière‑du‑Loup
010285271‑001November 23, 2024W4‑106 Sault Ste. Marie
010285279‑001April 7, 2025W4‑055 Ottawa
010285555‑001November 23, 2024W4‑050 Joliette
010285557‑001November 23, 2024W4‑056 Pembroke
010285559‑001November 23, 2024W4‑031 Sainte‑Marie
010285561‑001November 23, 2024W4‑103 Kapuskasing
010285563‑001November 23, 2024W4‑117 Creighton/Flin Flon
010285565‑001November 23, 2024W4‑071 Napanee
010285577‑001April 7, 2025W4‑011 Truro
010285937‑001November 23, 2024W4‑057 Arnprior/Renfrew
010285939‑001November 23, 2024W4‑024 Mont‑Joli
010285941‑001November 23, 2024W4‑102 Timmins
010285943‑001November 23, 2024W4‑108 Thunder Bay
010285945‑001November 23, 2024W4‑111 Winnipeg
010285947‑001November 23, 2024W4‑160 Kamloops
010285949‑001November 23, 2024W4‑005 Labrador
010285951‑001November 23, 2024W4‑159 Merritt
010285955‑001April 7, 2025W4‑007 Summerside
010285957‑001April 7, 2025W4‑019 Miramichi/Bathurst
010286561‑001November 23, 2024W4‑078 Alliston
010286563‑001November 23, 2024W4‑002 Placentia
010286565‑001November 23, 2024W4‑100 Sudbury
010286567‑001November 23, 2024W4‑150 West Kootenay
010286569‑001November 23, 2024W4‑157 Powell River
010286571‑001November 23, 2024W4‑035 Plessisville
010286579‑001April 7, 2025W4‑012 Amherst
010286581‑001April 7, 2025W4‑014 Sydney
010286583‑001April 7, 2025W4‑069 Gananoque
010286585‑001April 7, 2025W 4‑084 Niagara-St. Catharines
010286587‑001April 7, 2025W 4‑086 London/Woodstock/St. Thomas
010286589‑001April 7, 2025W4‑001 St. John's
010286821‑001November 23, 2024W4‑067 Cornwall
010286823‑001November 23, 2024W4‑029 Montmagny
010286825‑001November 23, 2024W4‑032 Saint‑Georges
010286827‑001November 23, 2024W4‑110 Steinbach
010286829‑001November 23, 2024W4‑161 Ashcroft
010286831‑001November 23, 2024W4‑004 Corner Brook/Stephenville
010286833‑001November 23, 2024W 4‑138 Wetaskiwin/Ponoka
010286835‑001November 23, 2024W4‑114 Brandon
010286841‑001April 7, 2025W4‑022 Campbellton
010286843‑001April 7, 2025W4‑128 Prince Albert
010287655‑001November 23, 2024W4‑058 Rouyn‑Noranda
010287657‑001November 23, 2024W4‑101 Kirkland Lake
010287659‑001November 23, 2024W4‑113 Morden/Winkler
010287661‑001November 23, 2024W4‑130 Northern Saskatchewan
010287663‑001November 23, 2024W4‑145 Barrhead
010287665‑001November 23, 2024W4‑164 Williams Lake
010287667‑001November 23, 2024W 4‑003 Gander/Grand Falls/Windsor
010287669‑001November 23, 2024W4‑104 Kenora/Sioux Lookout
010287681‑001April 7, 2025W4‑006 Charlottetown
010287683‑001April 7, 2025W4‑017 Fredericton
010287685‑001April 7, 2025W4‑070 Kingston
010287687‑001April 7, 2025W4‑079 Guelph/Kitchener
010304134‑002April 18, 2024W4‑092‑001 Outside of Sarnia
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