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Subordination of spectrum licences between Rogers Communications Canada Inc. and Bell Mobility Inc.

Decision regarding the subordinate licences


On October 9, 2018, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) received a joint application to subordinate spectrum licences in the Mobile Broadband Services (MBS) band between Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Rogers) and Bell Mobility Inc. (Bell) to further the current Rogers/Bell network sharing agreement within Manitoba. The licences are described in Annex A.

The application was reviewed under the relevant provisions of Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-1-23, Licensing Procedure for Spectrum Licences for Terrestrial Services.

Terms not defined in this decision have the meaning set out in CPC-2-1-23.


The application to subordinate licences between Rogers and Bell, as described above, is approved.


The application was assessed against the policy objectives and criteria set out in section 5.6 of CPC-2-1-23.

ISED notes that the application to subordinate licences will not result in a significant change in spectrum concentration in the licence area. Furthermore, the request to subordinate the MBS licences will offer Bell and Rogers an opportunity to put such spectrum to use for the benefit of residents of Manitoba.

ISED has determined that the request to subordinate licences will not impact the ability of existing or future competitors to provide services given that the subordination will not significantly change the concentration of commercial mobile spectrum in the affected licence area.

Annex A

Commercial Mobile Spectrum Licences in the Proposed Subordination
Licence holder Licence number Expiry date Frequency range (MHz) Geographic area
Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 010282317-001 April 2, 2034 710 – 716
740 – 746
Tier 2-010 Manitoba
Bell Mobility Inc. 010282457-001 April 2, 2034 751 – 756
782 – 787
Tier 2-010 Manitoba
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