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La licence et les conditions de licence ont été reproduites dans la langue demandée par le titulaire de licence.

Délivrée sous l'autorité du ministre de l'Industrie en conformité de la Loi sur la radiocommunication et de ses règlements d'exécution

Date mise en vigueur : le 4 novembre 2004

Date d'expiration : le 31 mars 2011

Numéro du compte : 07-090003184

Numéro de licence : 707-4910324

Transporteur radio

SSI Micro Ltd.
#1, 4905-48th Street
Yellowknife (Territoires du Nord-Ouest)
X1A 3S4

Cette licence vous autorise à exploiter la station énumérée ci-dessous

Numéro/Type : 4910324/Fixe

Zone de service : Nunavut

Système : MCS 2.5 GHz

Conditions de licence

This licence authorizes the use of specified radio frequencies as listed below and defined within a geographic area as specified in the document entitled Multipoint Communications Systems in the 2500 MHz Range, Policy and Licensing Procedures.

Fréquences d'émission :

2500.00000 MHz à 2596.00000 MHz

2686.00000 MHz à 2688.00000 MHz

Fréquences de réception :

2500.00000 MHz à 2596.00000 MHz

2686.00000 MHz à 2688.00000 MHz

Services : F - Fixe

Annexe A8 - Conditions de licence

Part 1 - Licence Conditions for 2500 MHz Multipoint Communications Systems Licensees

These conditions are established in consideration of the policy framework for Multipoint Communications Systems (MCS) in the Policy and Licensing Procedures document, (hereafter referred to as the “MCS policy”) issued by the Department in June 1999. Licensees should consult this document for any additional guidelines.

You must:

  1. (no longer applicable to this licence as deployment commitment has been met) adhere to the MCS system rollout plans (with respect to this licence as well as with respect to every other MCS spectrum licence held by you) in your detailed submission to the Department as amended in your letter to the Department dated March 31, 2004;
  2. adhere to the Learning Plan delivered with your detailed submission, or as agreed to in writing by the Partnership Committee (made up of members of the learning community and Inukshuk) established in the service area in accordance with your Learning Plan;
  3. comply on an ongoing basis with applicable Canadian ownership and control eligibility criteria (currently as set out in section 10 of the Radiocommunication Regulations). Licensees must notify the Minister of any change which would have a material effect on their ownership or control in fact. Such notification must be made in advance for any of the proposed transactions within the licensee's knowledge;
  4. use the assigned spectrum in accordance with the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations and the spectrum policy outlined in section 4 of the MCS Policy;
  5. ensure that radio apparatus is installed and operated in a manner that complies with Health Canada's limits of exposure to radio fields;
  6. mark antenna structures, where applicable, in accordance with the recommendations of Transport Canada;
  7. consult with the appropriate land-use authorities prior to installation of significant antenna structures. Installation of any significant antenna structure must be delayed for a period of time sufficient for departmental review where, after considering reasonable alternatives and consultation options, land-use consultation negotiations remain at an impasse;
  8. comply with the terms and conditions of any approval given by the Minister under paragraph 5(1) (f) of the Radiocommunication Act;
  9. ensure that radio apparatus is installed and operated in a manner that complies with technical standards as specified by the Department, including applicable Radio Specification Standards (RSS) and Standard Radio Systems Specifications (SRSP);
  10. comply with existing and future international coordination or notification requirements and procedures. This includes coordination/notification, as appropriate and applicable, with the United States as new or amended requirements are introduced;
  11. comply with the transition policy and relocation procedure for the relocation of incumbent stations as outlined in section 4.6.3 of the MCS policy;
  12. make available to the Department, upon request, required technical details of hub stations in the format prescribed by the Department;
  13. obtain Ministerial approval, following a full review of the application by the Department, to transfer, or assign the licence. For clarification, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, "transfer" includes any leasing, subleasing or other disposition of the rights and obligations of the licence, and also includes any change which would have a material effect on the ownership or control in fact of the licensee;
  14. pay the annual licence fee before March 31 of each year for the subsequent year (April 1 to March 31); and
  15. file detailed annual reports outlining overall progress until March 31, 2008;
    • Learning Plan implementation status;
    • audited statements of any Learning Plan fund contributions and disbursements;
    • an identification of all notices to displace incumbent licensees, confirming the scheduled implementation of MCS in the subject area(s);
    • an update on the number of subscribers and their distribution across your service area;
    • a description of direct investments undertaken with respect to MCS;
    • an update on any other commitments made in your detailed submission; and
    • a copy of any existing corporate annual report for each fiscal year with respect to this authorization.

These annual reports are to be augmented with semi-annual interim reports indicating system implementation and Learning Plan progress until March 31, 2005.

The reports are to be submitted, in writing within 120 days of your fiscal year end, to the local Regional Director, Spectrum in each service area.

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