Information requested for licence-exempt earth stations currently used by broadcasting undertakings in the C-Band (3700-4200 MHz)

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Note:  If you have more than 50 entries, please contact the Department at ic.spectrumengineering-genieduspectre.ic@canadaca, on how to submit information for a large number of earth stations.

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Satellite information

General earth station information

13. Indicate whether this station is transportable
14. Describe how often the equipment is used and the duration of such use
15. Describe the type of signal received

Earth station technical details

In the case of co-located earth stations, please submit a separate form for each station. After submitting the first form, you can hit your web browser’s back button to retain the submitted information (please note that radio buttons and check boxes will have to be re-selected). Modify the values entered in the earth station technical details section and resubmit the form. Repeat for every co-located earth station.

18. Indicate the receive frequency or frequencies (in GHz)

19. Provide the following information, if available:

F. Whether the receive modulation is analog or digital
G. Type of polarization of the received signal


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