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Information requested for earth stations (satellite dishes) currently used for direct television program viewing in the C-Band (3700-4200 MHz)

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Note:  If you have more than 50 entries, please contact the Department at ic.spectrumengineering-genieduspectre.ic@canadaca, on how to submit information for a large number of earth stations.


Satellite information

Information on receiving earth station (satellite dish)

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Submissions and disclosure

Respondents are asked to review the Terms and conditions, including the Privacy notice, published on ISED’s website.

The personal information you provide, which includes your name and contact information, is being collected under the authority of the Department of Industry Act.  It will be used to develop licensing policy and technical rules, and for coordination of spectrum licensees and station operators of different service(s), subject to the outcome of ISED’s decisions on the 3800 MHz band.  It is important to note that in carrying out these objectives, it may be necessary to disclose your information to spectrum licence holders and their affiliates.  If you choose not to provide us with your personal information, ISED will be unable to contact you and provide you with direct notices of future developments and/or of potential interference and/or impacts to the FSS earth station(s), and your FSS earth station(s) will not be considered in developing new licensing policies and technical rules. All personal information provided to the Government of Canada is contained in Personal Information Banks (PIBs); the PIB which contains this collection of information [IC PPU 021: Spectrum/Telecommunications Client Operation File (Radio Station/Spectrum Licensing)] is currently under review.  The Privacy Act provides you with the right to have your personal information protected from inappropriate disclosure, and the right to request corrections to and annotations of that information. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding our handling of your personal information.

Please note that ISED may use, share and disclose the non-personal information you provide, regarding the site location of your earth station, the name of the operator, azimuth, elevation, height and other technical details for the purposes of developing a licensing policy and technical rules on future coordination. This information may be shared within ISED and with other spectrum licensees.

Should you have any concerns about your personal information, you may contact the ISED Privacy Coordinator. Contact information is under the Privacy inquiry section of the Privacy notice.

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