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  • Inventory of R&D on textile technologies at universities, government centers and other research centers in Canada (PDF, 203KB, 24 pages)
    A 2009 report prepared by the Institute of Textile Science for the purpose of establishing an inventory of descriptive information on the types of textile or textile related research conducted by Canadian researchers involved in the research and development of textile technologies.
  • Team Textile Canada
    A good resource regarding prior and upcoming trade fairs, conferences, incoming missions and delegations involving Canadian companies. This Website is useful for textile buyers from around the world to discover Canadian partners who can provide innovative, timely and cost efficient products to better meet their needs. Team Textile Canada was put together by the CTT Group in partnership with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation du Québec.
  • Textile Museum of Canada
    The Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, is one of eight museums of its kind and the only museum in Canada solely dedicated to the collection, exhibition and documentation of textiles from around the world.
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