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Dog and Trumpet Design

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HMV (IP) Limited a company incorporated under the laws of England & Wales
Shelley House
2-4 York Road
SL6 1SR Berkshire


P.O. BOX 48600

Vienna information (Code & Description)

Dogs, wolves, foxes
A 3.1.28
Animals of series I sitting down
A 3.1.24
Animals of series I stylized
Telecommunication, television, sound recording or sound reproduction apparatus and equipment, computers
A 16.1.15
Record players
A 26.4.5
One quadrilateral
A 26.4.15
Quadrilaterals containing representations of animals or parts of animals' bodies or plants
A 26.4.16
Quadrilaterals containing other figurative elements
A 26.4.24
Quadrilaterals with dark surfaces or parts of surfaces


  • (1) Apparatus for recording, compressing, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; telecommunication apparatus and accessories; telecommunication kits and accessories for broadband telecommunication services and the internet; mobile telephones; combined phones with cameras; camcorders; personal digital assistants (PDA); wireless communication devices; compact disc players; MP3 and MP4 players; video players and recorders; DVD players, writers and recorders; CD players, writers and recorders; portable media players; cases and fascias for all the aforesaid equipment; PC drives; hard drives; flash memory drives; disc drives; tape drives; modems; headphones; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; electronic circuit boards; computer program memory cartridges; digital media player (or other DRM-less (digital rights management-less) hardware); in-store wireless kiosks with download capacity; download recorders for cell phones or other apparatus for recording; magnetic data carriers; CDs; DVDs; SACDs; mini-discs; high definition DVDs; high density and definition media and hardware; Portal Media (pre-recorded disks of sound, audio, digital and video recordings made available to consumers allowing instant communication); sound recordings; music recordings; video recordings; audiovisual recordings; audio books; books and other publications recorded on computer media; downloadable sound, music, video, images, games and texts; computer software; video games; computer games programs; software and cartridges for any type of games apparatus; games apparatus adapted for use with television receivers; books and other publications recorded on computer media; racks and cases, all adapted to hold CDs, DVDs, SACDs, mini-discs or high definition DVDs; computer software; computer games programs; games consoles; joysticks; video gaming machines; headphones; drive consoles; light guns; keyboards; fitting and parts thereof; games apparatus playable on TVs, screens, visual display units, monitors and computer screens; interactive games equipment to play games on TV screens, visual display units, monitors and computer screens; interactive computer systems; computer interfaces to remote units; electronic publications (downloadable) provided on-line from databases, via the Internet or any other communications network.
  • (2) Printed publications; books; comics; periodicals; magazines; posters; photographs; prints; albums; stickers; calendars; greetings cards; diaries; manuals; paper; paper articles; writing implements; stationery; gift vouchers; voucher books; gift certificates, book and record tokens; gift stationery; gift wrappers; gift packaging; gift tags.
  • (3) Clothing and headgear.
  • (4) Games and playthings; board games; toys; electronic games machines and hand-held games (other than those adapted for use with television receivers only).


  • (1) Advertising; provision of advertising space through computer networks and websites; distribution of advertising material and dissemination of advertising messages; the organisation and provision of loyalty card schemes and services; the bringing together, for the benefit of others (including consumers), of a variety of goods, namely, books, magazines, products (whether or not in tangible form) carrying or containing music, products (whether or not in tangible form) carrying or containing audio-visual matter, electronic games, apparatus and equipment relating to any of the foregoing, other goods in the consumer electronics or home entertainment or personal entertainment or consumer communications markets, posters, calendars, paper goods, writing implements, stationery and mouse mats, novelty items, gift sets, badges, keyrings, fridge magnets and metal plaques and mugs, blank recording media, toys, playthings and games (including board games), and clothing and headgear, enabling customers to conveniently view, sample and purchase those goods from a retail outlet, mail order catalogue or internet web site.
  • (2) Issuing of tokens, vouchers and coupons of value in relation to loyalty schemes and gift redemption schemes.
  • (3) Telecommunications, broadcasting and webcasting; delivery of digital music, video, games or books by telecommunications; providing access to digital music web sites on the internet; providing video sharing portals; leasing access time to computer databases; providing internet chatrooms and virtual chatrooms; operating web-blogs; providing on-line forums, interactive bulletin boards and interactive communication services; transmission of information, messages, text, data, multimedia content, videos and images by electronic means; streaming media; delivery of multimedia content to computers, portable media players and other apparatus; short messaging services (SMS); online facilities for hosting, sharing, organising and conducting online meetings, gatherings, forums, chatrooms, journals, blogs and interactive discussions; organising and providing online community forums for users to post, search, watch, share, critique, rate and comment on audio, video and other multimedia content; provision of access time to computers and the internet; providing access to media bearing audio matter, audio-visual matter, texts, images, multimedia works and electronic games; providing access to equipment for playing, recording, storing, compressing or otherwise processing audio matter, audio-visual matter, texts, images, multimedia works and electronic games.
  • (4) Entertainment; cultural activities and events; lending and rental of media bearing audio matter, audio-visual matter, texts, images, multimedia works and electronic games; rental and lending of equipment for playing, recording, storing, compressing or otherwise processing audio matter, audio-visual matter, texts, images, multimedia works and electronic games; organisation, production and presentation of events, games, quizzes and competitions; distribution of films, audio and video recordings, electronic games and multimedia recordings; interactive entertainment services; provision of interactive play and game areas; provision of amusement centres; electronic games services provided on-line or by means of a global computer network; publishing; production, editing, presentation and recording of films, audio and video recordings, images, texts and multimedia works.
  • (5) Computer services, hosting of digital content on the internet; computer services provided in internet cafés.
  • (6) Cafeteria and coffee shop services; services for the provision of food, refreshments and drink; social clubs.
  • (7) Social networking services; internet-based social networking services.

Classification data


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  • 9 - Electrical, scientific and teaching apparatus and software
  • 16 - Paper and printed goods
  • 28 - Games, toys and playthings, sporting articles
  • 35 - Advertising, marketing, promotional and business
  • 36 - Insurance and financial
  • 38 - Telecommunications
  • 39 - Transportation and storage
  • 41 - Education and entertainment
  • 42 - Computer and scientific
  • 43 - Accommodation, food and drink
  • 45 - Personal and legal


  • Registered in or for UNITED KINGDOM on December 14, 2007, under No. 2460934
  • Proposed Use in CANADA

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Filed 2008-05-20
Created 2008-05-21
Formalized 2008-06-03
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Extension of Time 2009-07-08 2010-01-10 Request Letter Date: 2009/06/24
Extension of Time 2010-01-22 2010-07-10 Request Letter Date: 2010/01/08
Default Notice Sent 2010-07-28 2010-09-28 Defaulting Action Date: 2009/03/10
Abandoned - Section 36 2010-10-18
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