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0738131 - N.B.A. ... EH!

N.B.A. ... EH!

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N.B.A. ... EH!
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  • N.B.A. ... EH!
  • BA(NBA)

Vienna information


Vienna information
Code Description
24.17.1 Punctuation marks
24.17.2 Dots
24.17.4 Exclamation marks, question marks
27.5.1 Letters presenting a special form of writing
27.5.15 Series of letters separated from one another other than by a single space -- Note: Includes a series of letters separated, for instance, by framing, strokes or varying levels.



  • (1) Aerated waters; apple juice; brewed alcoholic beverages; carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; chocolate milk; distilled alcoholic beverages; fermented alcoholic beverages; flavoured water ice; non-alcoholic fruit drinks; fruit juices; juices; liqueurs; milk; mineral water; non-alcoholic carbonated beverages; orange juice; soft drinks; spring water; syrups; vegetable juices; wine; candy; bubble gum; caramel corn; chewing gum; chocolate; chocolate bars; doughnuts; dried fruits; frozen bars; fudge; hard candy; ice cream; ice cream bars; licorice; lollipops; popcorn; potato chips; soft candy; toffee; yogurt; anoraks; aprons; ascots; baby bibs; badminton pants; badminton shirts; bandannas; baseball shirts; baseball stockings; baseball uniforms; baseball caps; basketball uniforms; basketball singlets; basketball jerseys; basketball socks; basketball shorts; basketball pants; basketball shirts; bath wraps; bathrobes; beach coats; beach coverups; bed jackets; belt buckles; belts; berets; bib ties; bibs; bikinis; blazers; blouses; bodysuits; booties; boots; bowling shirts; boxing trunks; brassieres; briefs; bunting bags; buttons; camisoles; capes; cardigans; coats; collars; costumes; coveralls; cravats; cuff links; cummerbunds; cushions; diaper covers; diaper liners; diapers; dickies; dress skirts; dresses; dressing gowns; ear muffs; face cloths; fencing uniforms; fencing jackets; football shirts; football pants; football jackets; foundation garments; fur coats; fur cloaks; garter belts; garters; gloves; goggles; golf pants; golf shirts; golf vests; golf jackets; golf socks; golf hats; golf shorts; golf caps; gym shirts; gym shorts; gym pants; hair bows; halters; handball shirts; handball pants; handkerchiefs; hooded towels; hosiery; housecoats; jackets; jeans; jerseys; jodhpurs; jogging suits; judo uniforms; jumpers; jumpsuits; karate uniforms; kimonos; knickers; knit shirts; ladies' panties; leg warmers; leggings; leotards; lingerie; loungewear robes; mantles; masquerade masks; masquerade costumes; mittens; muffs; neckties; neckwarmers; negligees; night shirts; nightgowns; one-piece jumpsuits; overalls; pants; panty hose; parkas; playsuits; polo shirts; polo pyjamas; ponchos; pullovers; purses; pyjamas; rain ponchos; raincoats; rainsuits; rattles; receiving blankets; ribbons; robes; rugby pants; rugby shirts; running suits; sandals; sashes; scarves; scrub pants; shawls; shells; shirts; shorts; skirts; slacks; sleepwear; slips; smocks; snow suits; snowmobile suits; soccer pants; soccer shirts; socks; sport caps; sport shirts; stockings; storm suits; storm coats; straw hats; suits; sunsuits; suspenders; sweat shirts; sweatband wristlets; sweaters; sweatjackets; sweatpants; sweatshorts; sweatsuits; swim pants; swimwear; t-shirts; tank tops; tennis caps; tennis pants; tennis shirts; tennis jackets; tennis shorts; thermal underwear; tie pins; tie tack sets; tie clasps; ties; tights; topcoats; tops; towels; track and field shirts; track and field pants; trousers; tunics; turtlenecks; tuxedos; underwear; uniforms; vestees; vests; volleyball pants; volleyball pants; volleyball jackets; volleyball shirts; waistcoats; walking sticks; wallets; warmup tops; warmup suits; warmup pants; wind protection jacket; wraparounds; wraps; wrestling uniforms; after-shave lotion; air fresheners; anti-perspirant; stringents; barrettes; bath oils; bath lotions; bath powders; bath and beauty soaps; bath beads; bath salts; blush; bobby pins; body lotions; body shampoo; brushes; bubble bath; candles; cleansers; cleansing lotions; clips; cologne; combs; cosmetic cases; cosmetic wipes; cosmetic cleaning preparations; cotton swabs; cover sticks; cream; cream rinses; cuticle remover; decorative scented pouches; decorative scented purses; dental floss; dentifrices; deodorants; detergents; emery boards; essential oils; eye makeup; eye liner pencils; eye-shadow; eyebrow pencils; face and body cleansers; face and body shampoo; face makeup; face and body scrub; face powders; facial foundation makeup; false eye lashes; foundation; gels; hair shampoo; hair tonics; hair lotions; hair conditioners; hair sprays; hair colourings; hair dressings; hair rinses; highlighter cremes; lip stick; lip lining pencils; lip balms; lotions; manicure sets; mascara; mirrors; moisturizer preparations; moisturizing lotions; mouthwash; nail files; nail lacquer; nail polishes; panty shields; perfume; permanent wave preparations; potpourris; powder; razor blades; razors; rouge; shampoo; shaving preparations; skin balms; skin lotions; soaps; stringents; sunblocks and sunscreens; suntan lotions and oils; talcum powders; tampons; toilet soap; toilet soaps; toilet water sprays; tooth gel; toothbrushes; toothpaste; vitamins; ointments; amplifiers; audio and video tapes; cameras and electronic calculators; cassette records; chronometers; clocks; compact disc; compact disc players; pre-recorded compact discs; pre-recorded computer discs; computer programs and computer software in the field of basketball; electric lamps; electric night lights; electronic games and software and accessories therefor; flashlights; gramophones; indoor lighting fixtures; optical viewers; pagers; patch cords; pen lights; phonograph record cases; phonographs; pictorial inserts; pre-amplifiers; punched cards; radio phonographs; radios; receivers; record cases; records; speakers; speakers and patch cords; tape decks; tape recorders; tape decks; telephones; tuners; turntables; video tape; video games and electronic games; watches; binoculars; eyeglass cases; eyeglasses and sunglasses and frames therefor; goggles; monocles; novelty eyeglasses; protective glasses; safety glasses; sunglasses; baking-powder; baking soda; beverage powders and crystals; biscuits; bread; bubble gum; cakes; candy; canned and preserved fruits and vegetables; cereals; cheese flavoured puffs; cheese; chewing gum; chips; chocolate milk; chocolate bars; chocolate; cocoa; coffee; cookies; crackers; doughnuts; dried soups; edible nuts; edible seeds; flavoured syrup; french fries; frozen yogurt; frozen bars; frozen entrées; fruits; fruits and cereals for babies; hamburgers; herbs; honey; hot dogs; ice cream bars; ice cream; ice pops; ices; jams; jellies; ketchup; lollipops; meats; muffins; mustard; nuts; oils; pancakes; pasta; pastries; peanut butter; pepper; pickles; pies; pizza; popcorn; potato chips; pretzels; puddings; raisins; relishes; rice; rolls; salads; salt; seasonings; sherbet; soup; spices; sugar; sugar confectionery; syrups; tarts; tea; tinned fruits; tinned meats; tinned pastas; tinned vegetables; vegetables; vinegar; vitamins; waffles; yeast; yogurt; footwear namely, basketball shoes; boots; court shoes; football shoes; jogging shoes; overshoes; pumps; rain boots; running shoes; sandals; shoe laces; shoes; slipons; slippers; thongs; toe rubbers; beanie caps; bonnets; caps; ear-muffs; fur hats; hats; head bands; straw hats; sunvisors; swim caps; toques; visors; baby caps; baby carriers; baby bibs; baby bonnets; bassinets; cradles; dressing tables; high chairs; infant towels; infant seats; infant undershirts; infant towels; infants' and children's hosiery; playpens; jewellery and compacts; badges; barrettes; belt buckles; bracelets; broaches; chains; charms; cigar cases; cigarette cases; class rings; costume jewellery; cuff links; earrings; facial powder compacts; hair clips; jewellery boxes; key rings and chains; lapel pins; medallions; medals; money clips; music boxes; neck chains; necklaces; pendant watches; pendants; pill boxes; pins; plaques; pocket watches; ponytail holders; rings; stick pins; tie bars; tie clasps; tie tacks; tie pins; travel alarm clocks; trophies; watch straps; watch chains; watches; wrist bands; wristwatches; ashtrays; barbecue cooking utensils; baskets; beer steins; beer mugs; beverage trays; bowls; boxes; buckets; bud vases; candle holders; candles; candy jars; canisters; canvas wine bottle bags; carafes; carving boards; ceramic plates; ceramic coin banks; ceramic mugs; ceramic cups; ceramic steins; cheese boards; china cups; chopping block; cigarette lighters; coasters; coffee pots; combs; commemorative plates; cookie jars; cookie rolling pins; cups; cutting boards; decanters; dinner bells; dish towels; dishes; drinking and decorative glasses; egg timers; figurines; flasks; fly swatters; food storage containers; glass plates; glass mugs; glass jars; goblets; hairbrushes; ice cube trays; ice cream scoops; ice chests; ice buckets; insulated bags for foot; insulated containers; insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; jar openers; jars; jugs; juice pitchers; lunch boxes; magnets; match boxes; matches; mixing bowls; mugs; napkin holders; napkins; oven mitts; pans; paper cups; paper towels; paper weights; paper plates; pewter mugs; picnic coolers; picnic and luncheon kits; pill-boxes; pitchers; placemats; plastic and paper dinnerware; plastic plates; platters; polyurethane beverage can holders; porcelain ashtrays; porcelain bells; porcelain vases; porcelain trinket boxes; porcelain figurines; porcelain dishware; pot holders; pots; pottery; recipe files; removable insulators for drink cans, bottles and lunch boxes; salt and pepper sets; saucers; serviettes and envelopes; serving trays; serving platters; shakers; shooter glasses; shotglasses; soap dishes; soap cups; spatulas; spice mills; sponges; stained glass; steins; storage jars; sugar bowls and creamer sets; swizzle sticks; tables; tankards; teapots; thermal insulated bottles; tongs; toothbrush holders; toothbrushes; trays; tumblers; vacuum bottles; vases; wastebaskets; water bottles; wine caddies; beach towels; bed sheets; bedspread skirts; bedspreads; blankets; carpets; coasters; comforters; cotton upholstery fabric; curtains; cushions; door knob covers; draperies; duvets; fabric flags; face cloths; mattress covers and pads; mattresses; medallions; murals and wallpaper; napkins; pennants and banners; pictures; pillow cases; pillow shams; pillows; place mats; plaques; potholders; quilt covers; quilts; rugs; serviettes; sheets; sleeping bags; slumber bags; table mats; table covers and tablecloths; towels; travel blankets; wash cloths; yarn; luggage; all-purpose gear-carrying bags; all-purpose sporting goods bags; athletic bags; attache cases; backpacks; baggage; barrel bags; beach bags; billfolds; book packs; briefcases; business card holders; card holders; card cases; carry-on bags; cases; change holders; change purses; clutch bags; coats; coin purses; coin holders; comb cases; compacts; cosmetic cases; cosmetic bags; credit card cases; cushion bags; drawstring bags; duffel bags; duffle tote bags; equipment bags; flight bags; garment bags; garment travel bags; glasses cases; gym bags; handbags; insulated and uninsulated tote bags; key pouches; key cases; key fobs; knapsacks; ladies' cloth and straw handbags; luggage tags; manicure cases; money clips; overnight bags; overnight cases; parasols; passport covers; pocket cases; pocket portfolios; pocketbooks; portfolios; purse mirrors and compacts; purses; riding whips; riding and hunting crops; satchels; school bags; shoulder bags; sport bags; stadium tote bags; suit bags for travel suitcases; toiletry bags; tote bags; travelling bags; travelling cases; trunks; umbrellas; vanity cases; walking sticks; wallets; wardrobe bags; watch straps; animal blankets; artificial flowers and plants; ashtrays; awards; badges; balloons; banners; baskets; bells; belts; binoculars; blankets; bottle openers; bottles and flasks; bracelets; brooches; bumper stickers; buttons; car emblems; carvings; chains; charms; coasters; coins; commemorative plates; crests; cuff links; decorative boxes; earrings; figurines; flags; flash lights; football helmets and miniature football helmets; jewellery; kaleidoscopes; key holders; labels; lapel pins; licence holders; license plate holders; lighters; maps; mascots being life size or replicas thereof; masks; match books; medallions; medals; miniature basketballs; miniature basketball courts; miniature basketball players; miniature stadiums; miniature basketball hoops; money clips; mugs; music boxes; nail clippers; necklaces; novelty hats; parasols and umbrellas; patches; pendants; pennants; piggy banks; pins; plaques; plates; posters; ribbons; sculptures; seat cushions; silk flowers; souvenir albums; statuettes; sticks; stone etchings; teaspoons; tie pins; tie clasps; tie tacks; tie bars; toy models of vehicles; trading cards; transfers; trophies; watch chains; watches; whips; wrist bands; activity books; address books; adhesive stickers; adhesive backed message covers; adhesive pads; adhesive tape dispensers; agenda books; agendas; albums; announcement cards; appointment books; assorted paper refills; autograph books; badges; balloons; ballpoint pens; binders; birthday books; blackboards; blotters; book covers; book marks; forms; booklets and brochures; books of all kinds; bows; brochures; bulletin boards; bumper stickers; business card cases; cake decorations; calculators; calendar pads; calendars; candles; cartoon books; catalogues; chalk; chalkboards; chequebook covers; children's books; clip boards; coasters; coffee table books; colouring books; comic books; coupons; crackers; crayons; crests; cut-out books; decals; desk pads; desk pen sets; diaries; dictionaries; doilies; drinking straws; emblems; erasers; event programs and magazines; fabric bookmarks; felt pens; flags; folders and portfolios for papers; fountain pens; game books; gift bags; gift wrapping; gift boxes; greeting cards; guest books; gummed labels; heat transfers; hobby kits; horns; illustrated story books; indexes and directories; invitations; iron-on heat transfers; iron-on decals; joke books; labels; layout chalks; letter-holding boxes; letter paper; letter openers; looseleaf binders; magazines; magnifying glasses; markers; marking pens; mechanical pencils; memo pads; napkins; newsletters; newspapers; note pads; note books; note paper; pads; paint brushes; paint-by-numbers books; paintings; paints; pallets; paper packaging boxes; paper hats; paper clips; paper hats; paper mats; paper towels; paper handkerchiefs; paper seals; paper bags; paper napkins; paper clamps; paper weights; paper seals; paper plates; paper folders; paper tablecloths; paper ribbons and streamers; paperboard display; paperweights; party favours; pen stands; pencil sharpeners; pencil and supply cases; pencil cases; pencils; pens; periodicals; photo albums; photograph books; photographs; photographs of players; place mats; playing cards; pocket secretaries; pop-up books; post cards; posters; read-along books; record jackets; report covers; ribbons; ring binders; rubber stamps; rule books; rulers; school bags; score pads; score cards; scrap books; scribble pads; seals; serviettes; sheets of music; slides; souvenir books; stamp pads; stamp albums; staplers and staples; sticker books; sticker and sticker albums; story books; straws; sunglasses; table centre pieces; table cloths; tags; tally cards; telephone note pads; tissues; toilet paper; trading cards; transfers; transparent tape dispensers; travel books; tray liners; typewriter ribbons; writing paper; yearbooks; air mattresses; air beds; animal calls; archery bows; archery gloves and finger tabs; archery bow strings; archery sets; arm guards; arrows; athletic supports; athletic visors; axes for mountaineering and climbing; badminton nets; badminton gut; badminton birds; badminton racquets; badminton presses; bag tags; bag covers; bait; bait boxes; balance beams; ball cases; ball markers; ball and glove sets; ball retrievers; ball and bat sets; ball and paddle sets; ball and net sets; ball and hoop sets; balls; bandage wrap; barbecue cooking utensils; barbells; baseball sliding pads; baseball bats; baseball gloves; baseball uniforms; baseball gloves; baseball hats; baseball shoes attachment; baseballs; bases; basketball shoes; basketball nets; basketball net stands; basketball backboards; basketball shoe attachments; basketball pads; basketball uniforms; basketballs; baskets for use in basketball; bat bags; batons; bats; beach umbrellas; beachballs; bells; bench warmers; bibs; bicycle helmets; bicycles; bicycle horns; bird calls; boats; body brushes; boot bags; boots; bow grips; bow cases; bow sights; bowling gloves; bowling balls; bowling shoes; bows; box horses; boxing bandage; boxing mouth pieces; boxing shorts; boxing striking bags; boxing gloves; brakes; breast plates; breeches; bridles; brooms; cages; camp stove; camping tents; canoes; catcher's masks; catcher's protectors; catcher's leg guards; catcher's mitts; chin pads; chronometers; cleat wrench for spiked shoes; cleats; climbing rope; climbing helmets; club heads; club grips; club inserts; club shafts; club covers; clubs; crampons; chronometers; crops; croquet sets; cross bars; cue racks; cues; curling brooms; curling stones; cushions; darts and dart boards; decoys; dinghies; discuses; diving masks; dumbells; dummy; ear plugs; elbow pads; fencing gloves; fencing shoes; fencing swords; figure skates; fins; firearms; flies; floats; flotation devices namely inflatable bath and pool toys; flying rings; football chin straps; football duffle bags; football kicking tees; football teeth protectors; football shoe cleats; football block rest; football blocking dummy; football guards (face); football helmets; football pads; football hose; football shoes; football uniforms; footballs; free weights; gaff markers and tees; gas stoves; gloves; goal posts; goals; goggles; golf gloves; golf umbrellas; golf carts; golf bags; golf shoe case; golf clubs; golf markers and tees; ground sheet; gun cleaning preparations; guns; gymnastic shoes; gymnastic mat; handball shoes; handballs; hockey facemasks; hockey uniforms; hockey gloves; hockey shin guards; hockey sticks; hockey nets; hockey pads; hockey skates; hockey helmets; hockey pucks; home plates; hooks; horizontal beams; horseshoe sets; hunting knives; hurdles; ice skates; ice hockey balls; ice axes; in-line roller skates; inflatable swimming pools; inflatable rafts; iron boots; jackets; javelins; jumping rope; jumping skis; karabiners; kicking tees; kites; knee pads; knives; lanterns; life jackets; life preservers; lines; locks; lures; mallets; marbles; masks; mats; mattresses; mess tins; minnow pails; mitts; mouth guards; mudguards and reflectors; nets; nose clips; nose plugs; padded gloves; parachutes; parallel bars; ping pong tables; pistols; pitons; plastic swimming pools; pool tables; pool balls; posts; pots; protective caps; protective glasses; protective masks; punching bags; quivers; racing skates; racket and ball sets; racket press; racks; racquets and presses therefor; rafts; reels; reflectors; riding hats; rods; roller skates; rosin; rowers; rowing machines; rucksacks; rugby shoes; rugby balls; rugby pads; rugby shoes cleats; saddles; safety straps; safety helmets; scooter bikes; scuba masks; seat covers; seats; shoes; shot puts; shoulder pads; shuttlecocks; side horses; skate boards; skate guards; skate blades; ski bindings; ski helmets; ski bags; ski boots; ski wax; ski gloves; skipping ropes; skis; sleds; sleeping bags; snorkels; snowboards; soccer balls; soccer uniforms; soccer nets; soccer shoes; softballs; speedometers; spikes; spinners; sport gloves; sporting events calculators; sporting shoes; squash balls and racquets; stadium robes; stair steppers; stands; starting blocks; stationary ski trainers; stationary exercise bicycles; stationary bicycles; stirrups; stop watches; strings; surf boards; swim caps; swim masks; swim fins; swim goggles; swimming gloves; swivels; table tennis tables; table tennis rackets; table tennis balls; table tennis sets; tackle boxes; tape; targets; tees; tennis sets; tennis balls; tennis racquets and presses; tennis shirts; tennis shorts; tennis nets; tent pegs; tent attachments; tents; timers; toboggans; tow ropes; tow harnesses; track and field shoes; training bags; trampolines; treadmills; tricycles; umbrellas; underwater knives; underwater breathing apparatus; uniforms; vaulting standards; vaulting springs; vests; visors; volley balls; volley ball nets; water skis; water bottles; water balls; water brushes; weight training machines; weight-lifting bars; weightlifting belts; weights; wet suits; whistles; wire arches and stakes for croquet; wrestling shoes; wrestling shorts; wrestling head guards; wristbands; action figures; action games; activity sets; airplanes; articulated toy dolls; balloons; balls; bath toys; battery operated sewing machine; battery-operated toys; beach toys; bicycles; blackboards; blocks and heads; board games; bop bags; bubble toys; building and construction toys; card games; cassettes; chalkboards; chess and checker sets; cribbage boards; dart games; dice games; die cast toys; doll accessories; dolls; colour your own poster, pait by number sets, crayon by number sets, painting sets; educational toys; electronic games; electronic and non-electronic action games; electronic road racing sets; figurines; flash cards; flying discs; geometric puzzles; handheld video games; hobby kits; horseshoes; inflatable toys; inflatable figures; ironing boards; jack-in-the boxes; jigsaw puzzles; kites; lightsticks; marbles; marionettes; masks; mechanical toys; model vehicles; model kits; modelling compounds; modelling clay; models; molds; musical toys; paint by number sets; paint sets; parlour games; pencil sets and cases; pinball games; plastic toys; play situation toys; playing cards; plush toys; plush and flat fabric; pogo sticks; poster kits; posters for colouring; punching bag toys; puppets; push or pull toys; puzzles; rag dolls; rattles; refrigerators; remote control model toys; ride-on toys; riding toys; road racing and train sets; rockets; rollerskates; rub-on picture kits; sand pails; sand box accessories; sandbox toys; savings banks; scale models; shovels; shuffle boards; sinks; skate boards; skipping ropes; squeeze toys; stamp and colour sets; stuffed and inflatable toys; stuffed animals; talking dolls or toys; telephones; toy chest; toy movie viewers; toy telephones; toy swords; toy blocks; toy cameras; toy model kits; toy action figures; toy chests; toy blocks; toy trains; toy watches; toy figurines; toyrockets; toy mixers; toy knives; toy helmets; toy masks; toy machines; toy microwaves; toy movie projectors and video; toy hats; toy flashlights; toy-boxes; toy vehicles; toy musical instruments; toy guns; toy holsters; toys; trikes; video games; whistles; wind-up toys; windsocks; air cushions; air mattresses; albums; area rugs; audiotape cassettes; automobile windshield shades; bath mats; bean bag chairs; bells; belt buckles; bench warmers; binoculars; blinds and window shades; books; broadloom; brochures; bumper stickers; buttons; cameras; can/bottle openers; car ornaments; car deodorants; car cushions; card cases; carpets; cassettes; change purses; chests; cigar cases; cigar boxes; cigar cutters; cinematographic and video films; coat hangers; coin operated arcade games and pinball machines; coin banks; compact discs; compact disc recordings; computer games; computer discs; condoms; costumes; cup holders; curtains; cushions; cutlery; decorative figures; digital audio tapes; director chairs; doorknob hangers; drapes; electrical outlet plates; emblems; embroidered patches for clothing; fabric; figurines; flashlights; floor coverings namely floor tiles; folding stadium seats; forks; frames for photographs and pictures; hand fans; hand puppets; holograms; jars and jewellery cases; jump ropes; key tags and fobs; key rings; key chains; knives; lamp shades; lanterns; laundry bags; letter openers; licence plate holders; light sticks; lighters; linoleum; litter bags; lunch boxes and pails; magnetic signs; magnifying glasses; mattresses; miniature belts; miniature basketball players; mirror stands; mirrors; money clips; motion pictures; music boxes; nail clippers; novelty buttons; opera glasses; ornaments and decorations for Christmas trees; paintings; parasols; patches; phonograph records; photographic slide transparencies; picnic and luncheon kits; picture frames; picture discs; pictures; pillows; pincushions; pins; placemats; plaques; plastic puzzles; playing cards; pocket knives; radios; read-along books; records; rugs; scissors; sewing cases and sets; shot glasses; signs; sleeping bags; stampers; straws; sun glasses; swizzle sticks; table mats; tape measures and rules; tapes; tapestries; telescopes; tents; thermal insulated bottles; thermometers; thimbles; threads; tie pins and tacks; tobacco products; toothbrush holders; travelling blankets; trays; trophies; tweezers; umbrellas; video discs; video cassettes; video and sound tapes; video software games; visor mirrors for motor vehicles; wall plaques; wallpaper; wastebaskets; watch straps.



  • (1) Arranging for, rental of and leasing of facilities for or for the viewing of sports and entertainment events; the operation of a restaurant, leasing billboards and signage; fund raising activities on behalf of others; the operation of entertainment facilities, namely a multipurpose facility for sporting events, concerts, musicals, trade and consumer shows, entertainment, social, religious and health events; operation of a health club, spa and other sports facilities; the operation of a club; the services of promoting the wares and services of others; ticket reservation services; restaurant services; bar services; advertising services; namely, placing advertising for others, electronic bill board advertising, cooperative advertising and marketing, dissemination of advertising matter, advertising slogan and cartoon character licensing, rental of advertising space; operation of retail and wholesale stores and kiosks for the sale of clothing, sporting goods and accessories; mail order services; the organization, operation and promotion of a professional basketball team; the organization and performance of basketball games and exhibitions presented live and through the media, including television, radio, and other forms of telecommunication media; making available to the public through the medium of radio, television and cable t.v. basketball games and exhibitions; broadcasting services; cable services; the operation of a sports stadium; the arrangement, sponsorship, conduct and provision of space, facilities and personnel for sports, entertainment, theatrical events, meetings, trade-shows and conventions; tour services; the operation of an entertainment centre; the operation of a take-out food service.

Classification data


The classification data is provided for information and searching purposes only. CIPO does not warrant the accuracy of the classes assigned to the trademark. This data has no legal value of any kind.

  • 2 - Paints, varnishes and lacquers
  • 3 - Bleaching, cleaning preparations and non-medicated cosmetics
  • 4 - Industrial oils, greases and fuels
  • 5 - Pharmaceuticals and herbicides
  • 6 - Common metals
  • 7 - Machinery
  • 8 - Hand tools
  • 9 - Electrical, scientific and teaching apparatus and software
  • 10 - Medical and veterinary devices
  • 11 - Environmental control items
  • 12 - Vehicles
  • 13 - Guns and ammunitions
  • 14 - Precious and semi-precious metals, and jewellery
  • 15 - Musical instruments
  • 16 - Paper and printed goods
  • 17 - Rubber and rubber goods
  • 18 - Leather and artificial leather goods
  • 19 - Non-metallic building materials
  • 20 - Furniture, mirrors, articles not included in other classes
  • 21 - Household goods and glass
  • 22 - Ropes and fibres
  • 23 - Yarns and threads
  • 24 - Textiles and textile goods
  • 25 - Clothing, footwear, headgear
  • 26 - Sewing and decorative items including slide fasteners
  • 27 - Floor coverings
  • 28 - Games, toys and playthings, sporting articles
  • 29 - Meats and processed foods
  • 30 - Staple foods
  • 31 - Agricultural, horticultural and forestry
  • 32 - Beer and non-alcoholic beverages
  • 33 - Wines and spirits
  • 34 - Smoker's articles
  • 35 - Advertising, marketing, promotional and business
  • 36 - Insurance and financial
  • 38 - Telecommunications
  • 39 - Transportation and storage
  • 41 - Education and entertainment
  • 42 - Computer and scientific
  • 43 - Accommodation, food and drink
  • 45 - Personal and legal



  • Proposed Use in CANADA.

Action History
Action Action date Response date Comments
Filed 1993-10-01
Created 1993-10-14
Formalized 1993-10-21
Search Recorded 1994-02-10
Examiner's First Report 1994-04-05
Correspondence Created 1994-04-12
Extension of Time 1994-11-30
Extension of Time 1995-05-08
Extension of Time 1995-11-23
Extension of Time 1996-05-02 1996-11-05
Rep for Service Changed 1997-02-10
Correspondence Created 1997-02-11 1997-06-11
Approved 1997-07-10
Advertised 1997-08-13 Vol.44 Issue 2233
Opposed 1997-10-16 Opposition Filed.
Agent Name Change 1999-12-16
Rep for Service Name Change 1999-12-16
Opposition Removed 2000-02-16 Case Closed - Opponent Withdraws 91
Allowed 2000-02-17
Allowance Notice Sent 2000-02-17 2000-08-17
Extension of Time 2000-08-25 2001-02-17 Request Letter Date: 2000/08/11
Abandoned - Voluntary 2001-02-27
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Action Action date Response date
Case Closed - Opponent Withdraws 2000-02-16
Action Action date Response date
Extension of Time Granted to Opponent 1997-10-20
S/O Fee Received 1998-01-13
S/O Filed 1998-01-13
S/O Forwarded for Review 1998-01-29
S/O Sent to Applicant 1998-02-02 1998-03-02
Action Action date Response date
C/S Served on Opponent 1998-03-02 1998-10-02
C/S Filed by Applicant 1998-03-02
Action Action date Response date
Extension of Time Granted to Opponent 1998-04-03
Evidence Served on Applicant 1998-09-28 2000-02-28
Evidence Filed by Opponent 1998-09-28
Action Action date Response date
Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1998-11-17
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-06-03
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-07-07
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-08-13
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-09-22
Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-10-07
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-11-19
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-12-20
With Consent - Extension of Time Granted to Applicant 1999-12-29
Deadline to File Applicants Evidence 2000-02-28
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