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Communications equipment manufacturing - 3342

This industry will give information which can be used as a benchmark to evaluate the wage structure of your business.


In 2018, the total salaries reached $742.6 million, increasing from $667.0 million in 2017 or by 11.3%.

Total salaries
Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 % change 2017 - 2018
Total salaries $698.1M $694.2M $667.0M $742.6M 11.3

Source: Statistics Canada, Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging, table 16-10-0117-01.

  • Notes

    The data for this section comes from the Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging. Salaries paid to employees are gross amounts before deductions for income tax and employee contributions to various benefit plans. Vacation and overtime pay are included, but not expenses associated with contract workers, employment agencies or casual labour. Employer contributions to employee benefit plans are also excluded.

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