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Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical media - 33461


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing magnetic and optical media, and the mass reproduction of recordings on such media. The media include audio and video tapes, diskettes, hard disk media and CD-ROMs.

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    The products of the industry are blank media; and software (shrink-wrapped), audio, video, and multimedia products recorded on these media.

    Example Activities:
    Audio tape, blank, manufacturing
    Blank tapes, audio and video, manufacturing
    Compact discs, pre-recorded audio, mass-reproducing
    Compact discs, recordable or re-writable, blank, manufacturing
    Diskettes, blank, manufacturing
    Floppy disks, blank, manufacturing
    Magnetic tapes, cassettes and disks, blank, manufacturing
    Mass reproduction of pre-packaged software
    Multimedia products, pre-recorded, mass-reproducing
    Optical recording media, blank, manufacturing
    Pre-recorded magnetic audio tapes and cassettes, mass-reproducing
    Shrink-wrapped computer software, mass-reproducing
    Tapes, magnetic recording (i.e., audio, data, video), blank, manufacturing
    Video cassettes, blank, manufacturing
    Video cassettes, pre-recorded, mass-reproducing
    Video game software cartridges, mass-reproducing
    Video tapes, blank, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    designing, developing or publishing prepackaged software or documentation, and publishing and reproducing software in integrated facilities (51121, Software Publishers)

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