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Periodical publishers - 51112


This industry comprises establishments, known as magazine or periodical publishers, primarily engaged in carrying out operations necessary for producing and distributing magazines and other periodicals, including gathering writing, soliciting and editing articles, and preparing and selling advertisements.

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    Periodicals are published at regular intervals, typically on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. These periodicals may be published in printed or electronic form.

    Example Activities:
    Advertising periodicals, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Comic books, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Magazines, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Newsletter, all formats, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Periodicals, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    printing, but not publishing, periodicals (32311, Printing);
    publishing newspapers (51111, Newspaper Publishers);
    publishing directories and databases.

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