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Directory and mailing list publishers - 51114


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in publishing compilations and collections of information or facts that are logically organized to facilitate their use. These collections may be published in one or more formats, such as print or electronic form.

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    Electronic versions may be provided directly to customers by the establishment, or offered through on-line services or third party vendors. The products are typically protected in their selection, arrangement and/or presentation.

    Example Activities:
    Directories, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Electronic database publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Mailing list compilers (except exclusively on Internet)
    Telephone directories, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    printing, but not publishing, business directories, telephone books and similar products (see 32311
    duplicating electronic media, such as CD-ROMs and DVDs (see 334610 Manufacturing and reproducing
    magnetic and optical media)
    publishing encyclopedia's (see 511130 Book publishers)
    designing, developing and publishing computer software products (see 51121 Software publishers)
    providing on-line access to databases developed by others (see 519130 Internet publishing and
    broadcasting and web search portals)
    publishing directories and mailing lists exclusively on Internet (see 519130 Internet publishing and
    broadcasting and web search portals)

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