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Integrated Record Production, Distribution - 51222


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in releasing, promoting and distributing sound recordings. Establishments in this industry manufacture or arrange for the manufacture of recordings, such as audio tapes/cassettes and compact discs, and promote and distribute these products to wholesalers, retailers or directly to the public.

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    These establishments produce master recordings produced by record production companies or other integrated record companies.

    Example Activities:
    Integrated record production and distribution
    Pre-recorded audio tapes and compact discs, integrated manufacture, release and distribution
    Sound recordings, integrated production, reproduction, release and distribution


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    mass duplication of sound recordings (see 334610 Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic and optical
    wholesaling (distribution of finished products, bought for resale, including imports) sound recordings (see
    414440 Sound recording merchant wholesalers)
    record production, including contracting with musical artists, arranging and financing the production of
    original master recordings, and marketing the reproduction rights (see 512210 Record production)

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