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Pay and Specialty Television - 51521


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in broadcasting television programs, in a defined and limited format, such as family and youth-oriented, news, feature films, music, health, sports, religion, weather, travel and educational programming.

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    These establishments may produce programs in their own broadcasting studios or they may acquire programming from external sources. The programming is delivered to subscribers by operators of cable or satellite distribution systems.

    Example Activities:
    Cable television networks (except exclusively on Internet)
    Satellite television networks (except exclusively on Internet)
    Specialty cable television (e.g., music, sports, news) networks (except exclusively on Internet)
    Subscription television, networks (except exclusively on Internet)


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    producing programs for television without broadcasting (see 512110 Motion picture and video production)
    delivering programs to subscribers by cable or satellite systems (see 517112 Cable and other program
    broadcasting television programs in a defined and limited format exclusively on the Internet (see 519130
    Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals)
    producing programs for television without broadcasting (51211, Motion Picture and Videos Production);

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