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Data processing, hosting, and related services - 51821


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing hosting or data processing services. hosting establishments may provide specialized hosting activities, such as web hosting, streaming services or application hosting, or may provide general time-share mainframe facilities to clients.

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    Data processing establishments may provide complete processing and preparation of reports from data supplied by the customer; resources available to clients on an hourly or time-sharing basis.

    Example Activities:
    Automatic data processing, computer services
    Computer time-sharing services
    Optical scanning data services
    Web hosting


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    processing financial transactions (see 52232 Financial transactions processing, reserve and clearing
    house activities)
    computer facilities management (see 541514 Computer systems design and related services (except
    video game design and development))
    providing data keying, text processing or desktop publishing (see 561410 Document preparation services)
    providing access to microcomputers and office equipment from a retail location (see 561430 Business
    service centres)

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