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Other Consumer Goods Rental - 53229


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: renting consumer goods.

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    Example Activities:
    Home health equipment, rental
    Household furniture rental
    Musical instrument rental
    Party supplies rental and leasing
    Pleasure boats rental
    Recreation and sports equipment rental
    Rental of golf carts


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    retailing and renting musical instruments (see 451140 Musical instrument and supplies stores)
    renting consumer electronics and appliances (see 532210 Consumer electronics and appliance rental)
    formal wear and costume rental (see 532220 Formal wear and costume rental)
    renting pre-recorded video tapes (see 532230 Video tape and disc rental)
    renting a general line of products such as lawn and garden equipment, home repair tools, and party and
    banquet equipment (see 532310 General rental centres)
    renting commercial and industrial medical equipment (see 532490 Other commercial and industrial
    machinery and equipment rental and leasing)

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