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Direct mail advertising - 54186


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in creating and designing direct mail advertising campaigns, and preparing advertising material for mailing or other direct distribution. These establishments may also compile, maintain, sell and rent mailing lists.

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    Example Activities:
    Advertising mailing services (i.e., preparing advertising material, such as coupons, flyers or samples, for mailing or other direct distribution)
    Coupon and sample packages, development of
    Direct mail advertising campaign services


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    compiling and selling mailing lists, without also providing direct mail advertising services (see 511140
    Directory and mailing list publishers)
    creating and placing advertising campaigns in media (see 541810 Advertising agencies)
    door-to-door distribution or delivery of advertising materials or samples (see 541870 Advertising material
    distribution services)
    distributing advertising specialties (see 541891 Specialty advertising distributors)

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