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Facilities support services - 56121


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing a combination of services to support operations within a client's facilities. These establishments typically provide a combination of services, such as janitorial; maintenance; trash disposal; guard and security; mail routing and other logistical support ;reception; laundry; and related services, to support operations within facilities.

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    They provide operating staff to carry out these support activities, but are not involved with, or responsible for, the core business or activities of the client.


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    providing computer facilities management services (see 541514 Computer systems design and related
    services (except video game design and development))
    providing a single support service to clients, but not the range of services that Establishments in this industry provide (classified according to the service provided)
    providing both management and operating staff for the complete operation of a client's establishment, such as a hotel, restaurant or hospital (classified according to the primary activity of the establishment operated)

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