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Performing arts, spectator sports and related industries - 711


This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: producing, or organizing and promoting, live presentations that involve the performances of actors and actresses, singers, dancers, musical groups and artists, athletes and other entertainers.

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    This subsector also includes independent (free lance) entertainers and artists and the establishments that manage their careers. The classification recognizes four basic processes: producing events; organizing and promoting events; managing and representing entertainers; and providing the artistic, creative and technical skills necessary for the production of artistic products and live performances.

    This subsector makes a clear distinction between performing arts companies and performing artists (independents). Although not unique to arts and entertainment, free-lancing is a particularly important phenomenon in this subsector; however, it is difficult to implement in the case of musical groups (companies) and artists, especially pop groups. These establishments tend to be more loosely organized and it can be difficult to distinguish companies from free lances. Therefore, this subsector includes one industry that covers both musical groups and musical artists.


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.

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