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Grant-making and giving services - 81321


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in awarding grants from trust funds, or in soliciting contributions on behalf of others, to support a wide range of health, educational, scientific, cultural and other social welfare activities.

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    Example Activities:
    Charitable trusts, awarding grants
    Educational trusts, awarding grants
    Federated charities organizations
    Grant-making foundations
    Health awareness fundraising
    Philanthropic trusts, awarding grants
    Trusts, religious, awarding grants


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    managing trust investment activities, for others (see 523990 All other financial investment activities),
    health research (see 541710 Research and development in the physical, engineering and life sciences),
    raising funds on a contract or fee basis (see 561490 Other business support services),
    advocating social causes or issues (see 813310 Social advocacy organizations),
    political fund-raising (see 813940 Political organizations).

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