Step 1 of 4: Identify a Federal Corporation

You have chosen to apply for a Certificate of Existence under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). A Certificate of Existence certifies that the corporation either:

  • Exists as of the date the request is submitted;
  • Existed on a specific date; OR
  • Existed during a specific period.


A Certificate of Existence DOES NOT certify that a corporation has filed the required Form 22 - Annual Returns or paid all required fees. If you require this information, you may wish to request a Certificate of Compliance. Request a Certificate of Compliance

Although the Privacy Act protects the information you provide through the Online Filing Centre, public disclosure of any information that is required to be sent under the Canada Business Corporations Act is permitted under the Privacy Act. The information provided will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.

Important Note:

There is a fee of $10 for each request for a Certificate of Existence. If the corporation does not meet the requirements for the Certificate, the request will be denied and the FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


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