Payment of Patent Maintenance Fees - Online Help


The Patent Maintenance Fees Electronic Payment service allows you to pay maintenance fees for Canadian patents and patent applications by:

  • Selecting your patent(s) or patent application(s) from a list showing fees due dates;
  • Creating your own list of patent document numbers; or
  • Uploading a file of your patent document numbers.

Before accessing any secure electronic services, you must have an Industry Canada (IC) account. If you do not have an IC account, you can create one from the IC Registration page.

Also, you must first complete the Patent's online e-services registration process. Once the registration process is completed, you will receive an activation code by regular mail. which will allow you to activate your account.


Maintenance fees on patent applications can only be paid by the applicant or the appointed agent of record.


The Login page represents the access point of the secure Maintenance Fee Electronic Payment service. You need to enter your IC Username and Password to access this service.


Username and password are case sensitive.


The Registration process creates you a Patent e-commerce profile (tied to an IC username) and links it to a back-end Patents client account. This process identifies you as the authorized correspondent to pay for Patent or Patent Application maintenance fees.

You have to create a Patent e-commerce profile by registering as one of the following:

  • An Independent Agent;

    You will need to enter your contact information.

  • An Agent working for a company (Intellectual Property Firm);

    You will need to select the appropriate company you work for from a search list.

  • A Clearing House Individual, or;

    You will need to enter the company information you work for.

  • An Individual (private inventor)

    You will need to enter all the patent numbers you are the correspondent for.

You will receive a letter from regular mail with an activation code in approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the request is made.

You will need to enter the activation code to finalize your registration.

Main Page

Lists you the available methods to pay for the Patent Maintenance Fees:

  • by Upcoming Fees;
  • by Patent Document Number(s); or
  • by File Upload.

The options are also available on the left menu.


The option to pay Patent Maintenance Fees by Upcoming Fees is only available to Independent Agent or Agent working for a company.

Upcoming Fees

Allows you to retrieve a list of patent applications or patents within a set period of time in which the maintenance fee will be due.

Patent Document Number(s)

Allows you to enter or paste the patent and/or patent application document numbers to maintain.

File upload

Allows you to upload a file that contains patent and/or patent application document numbers to maintain.


Shows the patents and/or the patent applications that are ready for payment.

History of payments

Provides a search functionality to retrieve payments done through this service.

Online Help

Provides this help.

Problem Report

Provides a form to report problems encountered using this service.


Provides a safe way to terminate the active session. You will have to authenticate again if you want to access the service.


It is strongly recommended to logout from the service when you are done with it as it is the only secure way to terminate the active session.

Closing the browser will not automatically close the active session. Any other user using the same browser on the same computer will be able to access the application without authenticating.