PCT E-Filing - Online Help


Welcome to CIPO's International Filing e-service, called PCT E-Filing.

With this online service, you are able to submit international patent applications to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). PCT E-Filing allows you to pay the prescribed filing fees.

International patent applications have to be prepared using the latest version of WIPO's PCT-SAFE software or WIPO's ePCT online service.

Before accessing the secure PCT E-Filing service, you must first acquire your login credentials from Industry Canada.

If you already have an account, then you can proceed with login.


The Login page is the access point of the secure PCT E-Filing service.


Username and password are case sensitive.


The registration process creates a PCT E-Filing e-commerce profile for you (tied to an Industry Canada username).

Filing History

The filing history lists your filings submitted in the last 90 days.

Submit an application

Allows you to submit a PCT-SAFE or ePCT package (file with suffix *.zg1) known as Wrapped And Signed Package (WASP).

Immediately after uploading your package file, the file is virus scanned, verified for authenticity of digital signature, and lastly its content is validated for conformance to the latest specifications. If the package file passes these stages, you will be able to submit it to CIPO and obtain your International Application Number (IAN). Else, if the file fails to pass either of the verification, virus scan or validation stages, you will be presented with an error code explaining the reason.

Once an International Application Number (IAN) is obtained for your international patent application, the package file will be added to the cart for payment. If you elect not to pay upon filing you only have one month within which to pay the associated fee(s) in the PCT E-Filing system. If payment is not made in the PCT E-Filing system in that period, you will have to pursue alternate methods of payment.


Shows the package files that are ready for payment.

Online Help

Provides this help page.

Problem Report

Provides a form to report problems encountered using this service.


Provides a safe way to terminate the active session. You will have to authenticate again if you want to access the service.


It is strongly recommended to logout from the service when you are done with it as it is the only secure way to terminate the active session.

Closing the browser will not automatically close the active session. Any other user using the same browser on the same computer will be able to access the application without authenticating.