National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map

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50/10 Mbps coverage:
5/1 Mbps coverage:

Map data shown above can be downloaded for off-line use. Map data date modified: 2019-07-08

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  • Coverage within a community will depend on its size, broadband network design, local topography and other factors. In some instances, Internet service providers (ISP) will not be able to provide service to 100 percent of households within a community designated as serviced. The Government of Canada does not support any particular ISP and cannot guarantee that this information is accurate.
  • Backbone and last-mile coverage information has been collected by ISED through consultation with ISPs, the CRTC, industry associations, provinces and territories, and other stakeholders.
  • ISED regularly seeks feedback on its Internet availability information to ensure that this information is current and complete for high-capacity backbone networks as well as last-mile access networks. If you have information regarding current connectivity that is not reflected in the maps, feedback can be provided to enable ISED to update the maps.
  • To measure the internet download speed available at your location, you can use publicly available speed test servers such at the one hosted by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

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