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Railway Tool

This tool allows you to deposit and search for railway documents. To access it, you will need to request authorization or sign in.

The Railway Tool has 2 functions.

  • The search function allows the secure database of railway documents to be searched.
  • The deposit function allows railway documents to be deposited with the Registrar General of Canada.

The database contains the railway documents that have been deposited with the Registrar General of Canada under sections 104 and 105 of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA). Records date back to 1868, and they are kept permanently.
Documents are not removed from the database, even if:

  • a letter of transmittal or a deposited document expressly indicates that the document has a fixed term
  • a discharge or release of a deposited document is subsequently filed
  • a request is made by the person who originally deposited the document.

Depositing railway documents

Sections 104 and 105 of the CTA allow certain documents associated with railways to be deposited with the office of the Registrar General of Canada. Section 104 allows for the deposit of mortgages and hypothecs. Section 105 of the CTA allows for the deposit of certain contracts respecting rolling stock.

While the intent of sections 104 and 105 of the CTA is to provide public notice of the interests contained in the documents deposited, the Registrar does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the deposit system or the documents. In accessing the deposit system, you agree that the use of the system is at your own risk. Whether considering to deposit a document or to search for a railway document, you may wish to consult with legal counsel or other professional advisers to understand the issues as they apply to your particular situation.

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