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There's never been a better time for women to start their journey into STEM.

Start your story

It's never too late to start your journey or to renew your interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Resources for parents

Fun activities with your children to foster their interest in STEM.

Resources for teachers

STEM-related learning activities and tools for the classroom.

Become a citizen scientist

It's never too late to take an interest in learning about science. These activities can get you started right away with citizen science.

The Government of Canada and STEM

Find tools and resources to help you navigate your journey in STEM, and learn what Government of Canada programs, initiatives and partners can help you along the way!

Featured blog: Canadian STEM Femmes

Meet Canadian women working in STEM who share their stories, advice, career paths, struggles and successes!

Encouraging women in STEM

Only 22% of all Canadians working in STEM are women.

Take action to encourage women to join the STEM field to help ensure a bright future for Canadian women and our future workforce.

Inspire someone you know by printing or sharing these posters!

Understanding STEM

The systematic study of the universe and everything in it through observation and experiment.

The practical application of science to create and use tools, machinery and equipment.

The applied mix of science, math and technology to solve problems by inventing, building and improving structures, machines, materials and processes.

The study of numbers, quantity and space to recognize patterns, test proofs, and provide insight or predictions about anything.

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Why I chose science

Why I chose science #ChooseScience (Transcript)

One of my goals is to encourage more young women to be curious, to challenge the norm and to be fearless in their pursuit of their dreams. Take every exciting opportunity that comes your way. Choose to be curious. Choose science.

Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science
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