Lakeland College

Lakeland College

Vermillion, Alberta

Lakeland College is receiving funding under the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, which aims to reinvigorate Canada's research and science base, address existing infrastructure needs while contributing to Canada's long-term innovation and sustainability objectives.

Projects funded

Animal Health Learning Clinic

Program funding: $2,487,500
Estimated total project costs: $7,100,000

The project will renovate Lakeland College's Sheep and Beef Facility into an Animal Health Learning Clinic. Renovations will be made to the existing facility to develop the core clinic and an animal treatment space, and new construction of labs and animal wards will provide a modern learning facility capable of simulating real-life veterinary situations.

Dairy Learning Facility

Program funding: $3,467,500
Estimated total project costs: $9,500,000

This project will upgrade the Dairy Learning Facility so that it reflects industry standards for barns, equipment and technology. This will improve the dairy specialization of the animal science technology program at Lakeland College, which supports the training and labour needs of Alberta's dairy industry.

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