Emerging Technology Program

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Website and Administrative Organization(s): Emerging Technology Program
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
Relevance: Program or service that is directly targeted to the funding or support of large, new and/or strategic advanced technology initiatives.
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Ontario
Objective(s): The Emerging Technology Program is designed to encourage both the private and public sectors to develop exciting and viable new technologies that will contribute to future northern prosperity.
  1. Financing
  2. Primary Research
  3. Pre-commercialization Technology Development
Eligibility: Eligible public sector applicants include Northern Ontario partnerships and alliances comprising:
  • municipalities;
  • private sector businesses and organizations;
  • federal government; and
  • other government-related agencies.

Note: Municipalities, First Nations, not-for-profit corporations and educational institutions may apply individually.

Eligible private sector applicants include:
  • individual private sector companies; or
  • consortiums of companies.

Note: The private sector applicant must be prepared to become incorporated and be incorporated prior to receiving assistance.
Value: For public sector applicants:
  • NOHFC may invest up to 50 percent of the costs for capital projects may be provided in the form of conditional contributions, repayable loans and forgivable performance loans
  • The maximum NOHFC contribution for any project will typically not exceed $1 million.

For private sector applicants:
  • NOHFC may invest up to one third of the total project cost.
  • For research and pre-competitive development technical projects, the NOHFC may provide up to $50 000 in non-repayable contributions on a cost-shared basis
  • The Emerging Technology Program may also provide repayable loans of up to $1 million or one third of eligible project costs, whichever is less, for capital projects.
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