Archived — Survey on Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises, 2000

The Survey on Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises, 2000, was the first full baseline survey on SME financing conducted under the SME FDI. Data collection took place in the fall of 2001. The estimates were generated from the responses of 11,015 SMEs (enterprises that had a gross revenue of less than $50 million, had less than 500 full-time-equivalent employees and were operational even for a very short time during the reference year). The response rate was 42 percent if calculated in relation to the original sample of Part 1 or 62 percent if generated from the number of in-scope units. Sampling weights have been applied in compiling the estimates, that is, individual enterprises in the sample are weighted according to their representation in the target population. These weights were adjusted in 2006 to render the dataset comparable with the 2004 survey following a methodological change to the 2004 survey. (Note: The revised version of the Survey was released in February 2006.)

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