Business Accelerators and Incubators

A key element of the Innovation Agenda is to strengthen Canada's network of business accelerators and incubators across the country. Most entrepreneurs now consider accelerators and incubators part of the start and scale journey. This has driven the demand for the launch of hundreds of acceleration and incubation programs around the world, prompting questions on how differences across programs influence start-up performance.

Consistent with the Government's approach to defining outcomes and measures of success, in Budget 2016 the Government announced that it will work with stakeholders to develop a performance measurement framework for business accelerators and incubators in Canada. "This framework will enable these organizations to benchmark their performance and drive improvement, help companies choose their best options for support, and assist governments at all levels in increasing the effectiveness of public investments in this area."

In Autumn 2016, the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) met with representatives from Canada's entrepreneur support ecosystem at three informal roundtables to discuss how government, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, and industry could work together to establish a national performance measurement framework for business accelerators and incubators (BAIs).

As a result of stakeholder advice and willingness to collaborate on a national scale communicated during the roundtable consultations, ISED committed to work with Canada's business accelerator and incubator industry to advance a national discussion on best practices in performance measurement and reporting.

Improving Performance Measurement and Data Collection of Business Accelerators and Incubators

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