Innovation: a Canadian tradition – Transcript

(Music up)

(The video begins with scene of a snowy Canadian forest, river and mountains. A line drawing sketch of a freight train appears next to the river. The sketch turns into a real freight train winding through the scenery.)

Narrator (male): Who looks across a new world and thinks "We can do this."?

(We see a whale at the surface of open water. A sketch of a kayak is superimposed on the whale and turns into a kayak with a paddler.)

Narrator: Who sails the Arctic in skin and bone?

(Next we see an old black-and-white photo of a family gathered around a small television, watching hockey. A sketch of the television morphs into a movie theatre with rows of cinema seats and an IMAX® screen showing the Earth.)

Narrator: Who watches this … and imagines this …?

(The next image shows an old black-and-white photo of Alexander Graham Bell speaking into a telephone mouthpiece. A sketch over the telephone morphs into a photo of a war scene, with a man using a walkie-talkie. The war photo morphs into a screen of a BlackBerry cellphone, seen over the shoulder of a woman in a present-day office building.)

Narrator: Who's revolutionized communications again and again?

(Images of Canadian inventions appear in quick succession: insulin, pacemaker, Canadarm, electron microscope. Images courtesy of Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.)

Text on screen:
The pacemaker
The Canadarm
The electron microscope

Narrator: Who are these people?

(A series of faces representing Canadian innovators appears on screen.)

Innovators: We are … (repeated)

Text on screen:
Shawna Tregunna, ReSoMe
Pablo Srugo, GymTrack
Paul Whitney, African Bronze Honey
Katie Miller, Impact Hub Ottawa
Chrissy Bridges, Squanto Inc.
Elizabeth Connell, African Bronze Honey

(The faces of four Canadian innovators appear in a quadrant)

Innovators: We are a nation of innovators.

Text on screen:
Innovation for a Better Canada

Narrator: So, what's next?

(Canada wordmark)

(Music ends)

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