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General Resources
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Astronomy Canada Science and Technology Museum Explore the night sky, Earth's daily and seasonal changes, and astronomical technologies that make modern astronomy possible.
Canada's Physical Activity Guides Public Health Agency of Canada Healthy lifestyles promote growth and development in young people, fight disease and make all Canadians stronger and more energetic.
Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame Canada Science and Technology Museum Discover how contributions in science and engineering affect our everyday lives, and their impacts on Canadian society.
Canadian Space Agency - Educators' Resources Canadian Space Agency In this section, not only will you find downloadable documents for educators and students of all ages divided into popular themes such as robotics, spacewalking, microgravity, ISS, astronomy, etc., you will also find other learning tools like: archived Webcasts and Mission Websites (highlighting the science behind past Canadian space missions) among other things.
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Videos Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Check out the CNSC videos explaining the nuclear sector in Canada, and how it remains safe through our regulations. You can explore our "Ask an Expert" video playlists, or catch up on past Commission hearings and meeting presentations.
Cycle-ology Canada Science and Technology Museum Examine the science of bicycles and how they have changed through history, evolving from pastime to serious mode of transportation.
Driving the Future: Transportation, Energy, and the Environment Canada Science and Technology Museum Put scientific and technological theory into practice as you explore contemporary transportation and energy issues.
Just for You - Educators Health Canada In addition to the popular Canada Food Guide, Health Canada publishes many teaching resources and kits that can be used by educators to promote good health practices.
Teacher Zone Canadian Museum of Nature Bring nature into the classroom, or learn about it at the museum, with this collection of lesson plans, tours, glossaries, videos and activities covering biodiversity, native plants, climate change and much more.
Teachers' Centre of the Virtual Museum of Canada Government of Canada Visit this site for lesson plans, online educational games for kids, and fun learning activities from Canada's museums.
The Science of Sports Canada Science and Technology Museum Discover how force, movement, and energy are involved in your favourite sports, and apply science theory to physical activities.
Weather Wise Canada Science and Technology Museum Increase your awareness of the consequences of global warming. Explore common elements of weather, the greenhouse effect, and climate change. Discover what we can all do to slow down the production of greenhouse gases and the resulting environmental damage.
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